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icx association recognizes cutting-edge customer experiences with elevate awards

by:PTKSAI     2019-10-29
Interactive customer experience technology is changing the face of the brand
Consumer interaction across the vertical field.
Online tools help shoppers design, order and build backyard storage sheds;
The mobile commerce platform helps shoppers fuel their cars with their mobile phones and then go shopping; and self-
The kiosk helps hungry diners run faster at the Taco Bell border.
At the awards ceremony on the opening night of this year\'s ICX summit, the interactive customer experience Association recognized the institutions, technology suppliers and brands that changed the face of the customer experience through the annual Elevate award.
Best Mobile ICX from mobile commerce platform to artificial intelligence-
Based on analytics platforms that help create customized, personalized experiences for customers, the award recognizes a range of cross-customer technology and technology deployments
Facing the vertical industry.
The winner of this year\'s Elevate award is: \"Taco Bell strives to keep in touch with customers --
Changing preferences, we are honored that ICX society recognizes our efforts, \"Rafik Hanna, senior director of Taco Bell IT, said in a press release.
\"By working with Elo, we have managed to deliver a frictionless experience to our customers while simplifying operations.
We have released the power of our fans to make their menu items more tacky, stronger and crisp, all with finger strokes.
This year, the Association renamed its ICXA Annual Influencer Award after a long period of digital signage and premises --
The media analyst, consultant and advocate who died last fall, Laer bonne.
The Lyle Bunn Influencer Award of the year was awarded to carnival.
Work for it again
Create a hospitable experience on a cruise ship.
The brand\'s Ocean Guest experience platform combines the Internet of Things, digital signage, and wearable technology to put customers at the center of a range of experience possibilities.
Kyle prestbackk, vice president of Carnival experience and innovative design, accepted the award and told attendees about the brand\'s efforts to reimagine the guest experience.
Prior to the presentation of the Laer bonne Award, Christopher Hall, director of the association, told the audience about the impact of Bonne on the industry.
Bunn is an important mentor in his field of digital signage and customer experience, Hall said.
\"I plan to award this award to Laer one day,\" he said . \".
\"I \'ve never done this before, and it\'s annoying to me.
\"This year\'s awards represent an ongoing trend, with more and more vertical industry brands submitting Elevate awards,\" Hall said.
\"This is just a further proof of the customer-
\"Users believe that creating a superior customer experience is the key to their future success,\" he said . \".
\"We are pleased to see the excellent work they have done in this field.
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Global media communications company focusing on digital media, associations and events in mobile, self-help
Retail, food services and financial services.
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The Networld event attributes include the fast casual Executive Summit, CONNECT: mobile CX summit, interactive customer experience Summit, bank customer experience summit, and restaurant franchise and Innovation Summit.
Networld also operates the ICX Association. BOOM!
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