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In 2019, face-brushing payment began to enter the market, which was convenient and fast, but also wo English

In 2019, face-brushing payment began to enter the market, which was convenient and fast, but also worried about safety. What about the future development?

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-21
Recently, we can see the application of face-brushing payment in large and small stores, especially in convenience stores that can be seen everywhere. Almost all of them have advertisements with preferential treatment for face-brushing payment for the first time, I don't know if you have ever experienced face-brushing payment? What is the payment process? Today we will talk about face-brushing payment. Brush face payment is convenient and fast, shopping payment does not need to use the mobile phone, just look at the payment equipment, you can complete the payment. Since the beginning of this year, face-to-face payment has been gradually rolled out in large and small shops and restaurants. Consumers and businesses are also worried about the risk of personal information disclosure while feeling fresh and curious. At present, the utilization rate of this equipment is relatively low, so what is the development trend of face-brushing payment in the future? Tan Jianfeng, president of Shanghai Information Security Industry Association, said:' Biometric identification technology is applied in the Internet field and is used as the authentication of transaction payment. There are risks. ' The basic principle of face-brushing payment is to compare the information collected by the terminal server with the cloud information to see if the information is consistent. If information leakage occurs in the cloud biological database, it will not only bring risks to the account security, but also cause unique personal biological information leakage. Compared with fingerprints and passwords, face brushing has the advantage of removing the medium of mobile phone, but the lack of medium also means that face information becomes easier to use. Brush face payment should be convenient and safer. Sun Lijian, director of the Financial Research Center of Fudan University, said that this aspect requires industry self-discipline, and enterprises should encrypt and store the collected personal information, enterprises are also required to clarify and standardize the purpose and scope of user information use to avoid excessive use of consumer information; On the other hand, it is also necessary to strengthen supervision. ' In the field of financial science and technology, it is common for innovation to go ahead of supervision, which requires the supervision department to track innovation and problems brought about by innovation in a timely manner and update and strengthen the supervision mechanism. At present, face-brushing payment has not been popularized in various markets, and consumers' worries about personal identity information security have not been generally recognized by the public, however, we cannot deny the convenience and quickness of face-brushing payment. In this AI era, Xiao Bian believes that face-brushing payment will have a better development in the future.
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