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In science and technology to protect the health wisdom the canteen

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-13
“ No whisper, no transfer tableware, can not leave the canteen with tableware, there is a problem please hands dozen rice aunt, 15 minutes, eating and didn't eat, please notice the time. ” — — Type in the college entrance examination. Although it is still in the & other; Disease resistance & throughout; Critical period, but you have to return in the morning and evening, then to return ahead of the enterprises and how to avoid the aggregation of infection, and how to eat in the canteen is safer? Dining room scene is relative to the club in the meal, more closed, dining time, personnel fluidity big, in the period of epidemic prevention, the best choice is to avoid to anywhere there are a lot of people repast. Are known, a new type of coronavirus main droplet and contact transmission, by the most effective means is to reduce personnel contact, do go out less, less, but during the on-the-job units, a canteen meal source only, often have to eat in the canteen. This case, you can through the full wisdom treasure, canteen system for remote order + dining room delivery way, reduce the risk of arrive dining room to take food. 1, through the way of wisdom dining room reservation online, canteen take-away staff contact rate can be greatly reduced. Full wisdom treasure the canteen system can through the phone APP, WeChat/alipay small online order, online top-up program, online reviews, dining choices can save users time and reduce the rate of repast personnel gathering dinner, effectively reduce the new virus infection risk. Compared with the traditional pattern of canteen sit-down dinner, wisdom canteen online reservation, cafeteria takeout, cupboard take food, can let diner needn't to canteen can have dinner in the office, bedroom, to reduce staff meeting, virtually had personnel isolation effect. While traditional canteen to wait in line, general archives mouths dining options, with dense dining table, it is easy to cause new the spread of the virus. 2, wisdom, canteen management mode, compared to the traditional canteen management mode of operation is more efficient, may for the canteen management authors work. Full wisdom treasure canteen solution is a set of standardized meal information solutions, involving the front-end dining management, management of the kitchen, dining room process management, ERP management, intelligent hardware, mobile payment, face pay, cloud and big data, can be achieved from the purchase, sale, management analysis etc. The whole process for the dining room to provide information services. Compared with traditional card machine model, full wisdom treasure canteen solution USES is for face recognition and don't need to use one cartoon, is the real non-inductive phase method, not only reduces the repast personnel queue length, improve the efficiency of the meal more. In the key period, through scientific system of informatization dining room, dining room scene can effectively reduce the risk and wisdom through full treasure the canteen system on the basis of ensure repast happy repast, reduce repast personnel to travel and meet opportunities, from the perspective of rational and scientific planning diners daily meals, avoid epidemic spread again, we have been trying to!
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