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Industrial Machine capacitance touch screen signal line layout specification

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-02
The layout of signal lines directly affects the transmission efficiency and anti-interference capability of communication signals. Signal lines (Drive and sensing channels)Communication signal lines must be avoided (Such as I2C, SPI, etc) Adjacent, close parallel or cross to avoid interference of pulse signals generated by communication with detection data. For communication signal lines that are close to each other, industrial computers need to be shielded with ground wires. The ground wire and anti-interference shielding protection chip substrate must be grounded, and reliable ground wire vias should be placed on the substrate. It is recommended that the number of vias be 4 ~ 8. Ground wire pressing points must be placed on both sides of the driving and sensing channel pressing points. Under the condition of industrial computer space, ground wire must be placed on both sides of the driving and sensing channel routing. It is recommended that the width of the ground wire is ≥0. 2mm. FPC does not go through the line area to fill the copper, a large area of copper can reduce GND wiring resistance, shielding external interference. It is recommended to use grid-like copper irrigation, which not only plays a shielding role but also does not increase the capacitance of the drive and induction lines to ground. Set two ≥ as much as possible with the main control board interface cable0. 2mm ground wire to ensure reliable electrical grounding. If the structure allows, steel plates can be used for reinforcement, and the effect is better if reliable grounding of steel plates can be ensured. FPC traces prohibit right angles or broken lines, and the bends need to be inverted; The component placement area must be reinforced to facilitate patch or welding; All vias should be placed in the reinforcement plate area as much as possible, and the FPC bending area and its vicinity should not have holes; The location of the reinforcement area and the total FPC thickness must be marked on the design drawing, and there must be no reinforcement in and around the bending area; The fillet of the transition between the bending area and the component area shall reach R = 1. 0mm, and it is suggested to add copper wire at the corner to supplement the strength and reduce the risk of tearing. In FPC design, attention should also be paid to the size of the component area space, especially in the structural drawing confirmation, the size of the component area should be fully considered to reserve the structural space. Shenzhen ptksai Technology Co. , Ltd. was founded in 2009. It is a fast-growing high-tech enterprise. Its products mainly include: intelligent touch Android all-in-one machine, intelligent touch POS machine, touch Windows intelligent terminal, face recognition visitor, industrial network equipment and commercial display equipment, Android industrial control all-in-one machine, industrial control touch display, etc. Products are widely used in multimedia advertising media, smart catering, smart retail, smart payment, smart community, smart home, smart access control, transportation, finance, electricity, tourism, hotels, smart manufacturing and other industries, products are sold in more than 30 countries and regions in Asia, Europe and America; In-depth cooperation with many well-known domestic enterprises to provide professional intelligent hardware customization services. We have long-term experience in providing professional OEM/ODM/EMS services to well-known brands at home and abroad, and our research and development, quality and production capacity have been well received by our customers. The company has a strong research and development team with more than 60 engineers in software and hardware, and has strong ability to customize and develop software, hardware and appearance structures. In 2017, the company's research and development team contributed 9 innovative invention patents. On the basis of Android touch all-in-one machine, it integrates dual-screen display, different display, different display and different touch, built-in printer, bar code/two-dimensional code scanning, face recognition, two-dimensional code collection, Cash Box, second-generation ID card reading and fingerprint key technologies such as collection, fingerprint identification, electromagnetic original handwriting signature, multi-camera, high-speed camera, card reader, Banknote counter, etc, and there is a mature batch shipping scheme, which can meet the hardware and software requirements of most intelligent devices on the market.
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