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Intelligent Access control helps construction of intelligent medical system

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-29
Medical and health undertakings are related to people's livelihood. The state has always attached great importance to and steadily promoted the construction of the medical system. With the rapid development of the current economy and the rapid development of science and technology, as well as the call of the era of smart cities, the construction of smart medical system came into being. Intelligent Access control helps the construction of intelligent medical system, and security system is a very important component of intelligent medical system, which undoubtedly brings a new development opportunity to the access control market. Intelligent Access control system organically combines automatic identification technology with modern security management measures. With the development of electronic computers and networks, medical information has been fully managed by computers, which provides a good platform for the construction of intelligent access control systems. The intelligent access control system provides safe, smooth and accurate access services to medical institutions with complicated crowds. While strengthening security, it also allows access control personnel to travel lightly. Today, the entrance guard system has gone beyond the simple door and key control management and has long been developed into a complete information intelligent access management system. Intelligent Access control helps the construction of intelligent medical system with the frequent occurrence of doctor-patient disputes, government functional departments require all medical institutions across the country to continuously strengthen the construction of public security prevention and control system, through civil air defense, technical defense, the introduction of high-tech and other security measures to implement all-weather monitoring of key areas such as outpatient rooms and wards. Set up automatic alarm devices in the core parts such as medical room, warehouse, financial room and computer room. This can not only greatly enhance personal and property safety, but also significantly reduce profit and loss costs. Under the protection of the intelligent access control system, only relevant personnel can be allowed to pass through the specified time period, and video surveillance and recording will be linked at any time. Management personnel directly carry out unified management on the system platform to isolate public activity areas and controlled special areas to ensure medical order and safeguard patients' rights and interests. Intelligent Access control helps the construction of intelligent medical system. The intelligent access control system can manage the access rights of different groups of people at different times according to the functions of the management area, and restrict relevant personnel from entering at will, intelligent management of visits, medical safety and security of important areas for hospitals. Intelligent attendance, visit and treatment management to improve work efficiency; And let people enjoy the wisdom service of the whole hospital with one card in hand, which is also the trend of modern information digital hospitals. The intelligent cloud card equipped by medical staff integrates access control, attendance, dining and other functions; The patient's medical card is mainly used for access control, consultation and payment. According to the demand of smart security, we will build a smart Hospital smart card system based on smart access control cloud platform and mobile phone, two-dimensional code and smart card, which integrates identity recognition and consumption, to provide a convenient, convenient, safe and humanized medical environment for medical staff and patients, and at the same time to build an efficient management system to realize the intelligent experience of diagnosis, treatment, work, study and life service. Intelligent Access control system solves the problem of traditional visiting management across the board. It controls access control through cloud authorization of medical staff to ensure timely recuperation of patients. Visitors can register their identity information and make an appointment for the interviewee information through WeChat or mobile phone APP in advance; The medical staff can set the visitor access rights to control the specific time period and frequency; The system automatically sends two-dimensional codes to visitors' mobile phones, and visitors pass through elevators, passages, relevant departments and other places in the inpatient building within a specified period of time and within a limited number of times. While facilitating visitors, it also protects the privacy of patients during treatment and examination. In addition, it also prevents thieves from mixing in and stealing patients and hospital property. The infectious disease area and the neonatal area are special wards of the hospital, and the entry and exit personnel are strictly controlled. Only relevant authorized personnel can enter, prevent the spread and cross infection of infectious diseases, the occurrence of medical accidents and other malignant accidents. At the same time, the camera is intelligently mobilized to take photos and videos of people entering and leaving, and the scene can be traced back after the accident. In the newborn area, the two-dimensional code label and Guardian matching verification method are adopted to provide the binding function of the baby, mother and medical staff, so that the baby can stay with his own people at all times. When theft, wrong hug and other incidents occur, medical staff and mothers can receive timely warnings, the intelligent access control system starts the closed area access control lock, and non-staff are prohibited from entering and leaving the relevant area. The hospital environment is complicated, which requires that the security system can no longer fight alone. The entrance guard system needs to realize joint scheduling with 110 alarm control subsystem, fire alarm subsystem and video monitoring subsystem. Therefore, the integrity and safety of the security system are improved. The intelligent access control system has the function of coordinating and linking with other systems such as building automation, closed-circuit monitoring, theft prevention and fire alarm through linkage output points. When a fire occurs, the intelligent entrance guard system automatically receives the fire signal and automatically opens the entrance guard in the control area according to the preset scheme so that the crowd can be evacuated in time. After receiving the abnormal alarm signal, the intelligent entrance guard system can automatically switch the camera screen and carry out video monitoring, video recording and capture of the parts to be monitored. Traditional patrol methods are difficult to carry out timely and effective patrol monitoring throughout the hospital. The intelligent access control system platform can connect the central control room equipment with each subsystem equipment, and realize the automatic management of information integration of the whole system by the central control room, and can monitor and control the running state of each subsystem in real time. The management personnel with authority can directly control the switch of each entrance guard point through the electronic map, and assist the security patrol to understand the switch status of each entrance guard point in real time, realize 24-hour monitoring and personnel patrol within the hospital.
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