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by:PTKSAI     2019-12-27
At present, there are many types of intelligent visitor planes in the market, and the quality is also different. Recommendation 1: manufacturers need to provide authoritative quality certification manufacturers need to provide authoritative ISO9001 Quality Certification Certificates and product testing reports from government quality regulatory agencies. And pay attention to verify the authenticity of these documents. The quality of products with corresponding third-party certification and supervision will be guaranteed. Recommendation 2: An visitor with a three-level lightning protection circuit design Android visitor because the communication lines of the smart visitor are distributed, they are vulnerable to lightning, therefore, the visitor must carry out lightning protection design. We suggest to adopt a three-level lightning protection design. First, the large current and high voltage generated by lightning strike are released through the discharge tube, and the current and voltage entering the circuit are clamped through the inductance and resistance circuits. Then the residual current and voltage are released at high speed through TVS high-speed discharge tube before it damages the circuit. Lightning protection index requires 4000V inductive lightning to be harmless to equipment for 50 consecutive times. The lightning protection index is high, and the anti-surge and anti-static capability of the equipment will be correspondingly high. Some products advertise that they also have 1500V lightning protection capability. In fact, this index is possessed by all chips themselves and does not have lightning protection and surge protection capability at all. Recommendation 3: the application program should be simple and practical, and the operation is convenient. The intelligent visitor machine if the control program is applied, it will undoubtedly increase the training cost and time of the engineer to the customer, customers who are not easy to master the operation of the software will be angry with the service attitude of the engineer, which will have a bad impact on collection and renewal. Customers who do not understand the software are also easy to cause misoperation, resulting in practical inconvenience. Therefore, we suggest that engineers must pay attention to whether the software operation is simple, intuitive and convenient when choosing a visitor. One-sided emphasis on powerful functions is not suitable for promotion. At present, there are more and more types of visitor planes in the market, and different types of visitor planes have different functions. Many customers will feel that the more functions they choose, the better, is this really the case? Ptksai visitor details: from the user's point of view, as long as it can meet the user's visit registration and management process, it is naturally simple in function and convenient to operate. Then why are the functions developed by some visitor planes more complicated or basically useless? I think it is mainly from the perspective of sales. One is to achieve functional differentiation and can have an advantage in bidding; In addition, the price can be improved. After all, the function is more likely to be hardware, the cost is high, and the development is relatively complicated. The price should be relatively high. Therefore, we can only let the customer judge what the function of the visitor should be. To sum up, the quality of the intelligent visitor is not determined by the number of functions of the visitor. As long as the function of the visitor can meet its own needs, it mainly depends on the operation of the visitor. At present, there are various brands of intelligent visitor planes in the market, but the mainstream functions of visitor planes are seven points, introducing the mainstream functions of visitor planes. (1)ID photo, OCR identification ID card; (2) The second-generation ID card reading function is generally read through the built-in ID Card module; (3) Visitors take pictures, and the general smart visitor is equipped with a camera to take pictures of the visitors; (4) Two-dimensional code visitor list printing, visitor all-in-one machines are equipped with built-in printers, and thermal paper prints two-dimensional code visitor list; (5) Face recognition function, shooting faces through the camera for comparison; (6) The person's card comparison function, id card, portrait comparison, to achieve the combination of people and cards; Intelligent visitor machine intelligent visitor machine (7) The wireless network shares visitor information in real time. Generally, the visitor registration machine/visitor machine supports wifi, 3G, 4G and other wireless communication, and shares information in real time.
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