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Intelligent community 丨, wisdom when police face recognition entrance guard system

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-14
When rich wisdom of police community face recognition entrance guard system, through the front information acquisition ( Community security terminal equipment) And then through the facial recognition data processing ( Face recognition management platform, community face recognition gateway data center) Screening, cleaning, refining, processing, the police need to push data to the public security police face recognition wisdom platform, according to the use of different data present different use terminal ( Police station PC, police APP) 。 Whole face recognition entrance guard system to support private network + Internet fusion network scheme, the operation of the residents' private data and stored in the private network; Mobile phone APP/door public access. When rich, intelligence community policing face recognition entrance guard system is the biggest advantage platform combined with face recognition. System can detect face recognition to blacklist face tracking. Can the criminal at large personnel for early warning and monitor, can also be its position trajectory tracking analysis, provide technical support for the public security investigation. Platform for building workers face of statistics and comparison, for there are group gambling, pyramid schemes, such as base, face analysis data analysis, only into the focus of the suspected houses out for calculation, provide data support for public security to prevent crime fighting crime. And more human face recognition technology, provide more social security public security management wisdom management application. Face recognition entrance guard system mainly faces: (information acquisition way 1) Village entrances, corridor of face recognition entrance guard double check collection in and out of the village face information; ( 2) Through the facial recognition and self-help collection registration equipment, personnel information collection and registration; ( 3) In the area, dynamic facial recognition camera and self-help registration equipment installed, in and out of the mouth to the village face capture, video acquisition and personnel records; ( 4) Door installed in corridor unit face recognition intelligent entrance guard system to face snapped into the corridor of the personnel, to ensure the quality of capturing and ensure into building the identity registration; ( 5) In the corridor building intelligent capture facial recognition system installed in the hole of whole snapped into the corridor of staff, and for many people is inconsistent with the following actions, in and out of the abnormal behavior of statistics; When rich, intelligent community policing face recognition entrance guard system to classify all kinds of gathering information, private data transmission to the public security intelligence police face recognition entrance guard system platform, the future can be open to the government, fire, and other units; Sent to the monitoring data in the district, the district management platform, to strengthen security community.
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