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Intelligent system can assign food marketing members

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-12
In the cafe management, member management all the more critical, is the concentrated reflection of restaurant for a passenger capacity on the one hand, on the other hand is to improve the customer means of viscosity. In traditional restaurant chain management mode, the restaurants business was stranded at the trading level, customers often consumption finish, go finish checkout, nothing left, merchants even fundamental number is difficult to statistics. Let alone to grasp customers' appetite for, to make deeper personalized marketing. At first, even with the help of membership basis of accumulated data, it is hard to play the effect of individualized product marketing to customers. Membership card is often only after customer purchase vouchers, and catering enterprises also mostly passive, so the effect is often better than nothing. The Internet age, the more stores attaches great importance to the informatization management, with the restaurant cashier system, in the customer when WeChat order can guide the self-help registration in-store WeChat, member of the customer's every meal orders are recorded to member database. So that businesses can easily master member of consumer preferences and consumption cycle, according to the member individual be fond of custom combo and preferential. It is worth mentioning that WeChat members can use WeChat membership card, real-time query to the consumption records, stored value information such as records, the remaining sum inside card, integral, and at any time through WeChat restaurant public, learn about the latest preferential activities. This two-way interaction will make the members of the users of the viscosity is greatly increased. With the aid of these tools, member of precipitation catering enterprises can quickly a large number of high quality. Accumulate a large number of members, the businessman is the most concern is how to transform the membership sales, which is the intelligent membership marketing is the most crucial step: member of maintenance. With the traditional marketing & other members, Throughout a wide net &; Type members to maintain, compared the information member of the marketing maintenance more highlights precision maintenance. First is using big data analysis, draw the user portrait. Cashier system through statistics analysis on consumption, paint portraits of every customer, including spending power, cycle of consumption, consumption habits, consumer preferences, consumption cuisines, such as detailed statistics, help business accurately grasp the personalized needs of each member, member for merchants to carry out the corresponding precision maintenance provide a powerful statistical data to support. Followed by the large data marketing of the restaurant, hit customer excitement. In based on the analysis of large data, the system will be member information data sorting and label group, on the basis of different properties of every member, formulate different marketing solutions to different marketing. In the appropriate time with the most appropriate form for the customer to favorite food. For loyal member, for example, marketing purpose is to improve the guest unit price, can be based on loyalty members of its good taste, given the Italian cuisine meals, by improving the meal coupon to use standard to improve guest unit price. Again for regular members, for example, marketing purpose is to let members after purchase and realize the second transformation, can be given a certain amount of vouchers, appropriate adjustments using standard to ensure that the charm of cost-effective for regular members, achieve the purpose of stimulating members secondary consumption. Big data marketing's ultimate purpose is to distinguish between different levels, different consumption habits of customers, at the appropriate time in the most appropriate form for the customer the most comfortable consumer experience, activating consumption, encourage and stimulate members and members can be converted to the merchant's revenue, promote the business ability of catering enterprises, to maximize the benefit of the enterprise. It is also a smart affiliate marketing final foothold. There is little doubt that the success of the member management is the beginning of the excellent in-store marketing. And information technology means, will this vision into reality. Traditional marketing is very difficult to do for the products sales, customer cuisines, the passenger flow statistics, such as marketing analysis, lack of management at the core of the statistics are hard to open wider marketing channel.
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