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Interesting way cashier system common solutions to problems!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-16
If the following problems can be summarized in first problem determination and resolve, if still can't solve can contact the personnel of the service. 1. Receiving voice broadcast (1) in the interest of cashier system general Settings, see whether open receiving voice prompt ( Suggest to open it again) (2) is set in the system of the cash register in the check whether open volume 2. Money in cash when the cashier don't pop up (1) check the cash register and coffers problem is complete and effective (2) check whether coffers have on the cash register (3) check to see if the money was locked 3. Incorrect receipts not print or print specifications (1) check the boring way cashier system blocks of whether to open the printer in setting up the printer and have successfully connected to the printer, whether small notes Settings to select the correct receipts specification, the quantity is correct. (2) check the printer power and adequacy of receipts and put the position is correct. 4. Boot Settings or cashier in the virtual keyboard doesn't pop up first boot: boring, cashier system virtual keyboard pop-up should not because the physical keyboard or scan code external defaults to the keyboard device, such as gun so disconnect sweep code gun equipment can be retry after, if there are still problems with the normal boot Settings, please contact customer service. Cashier: (1) in the cash register setting & other; Language and input method & throughout; Click & other; A physical keyboard & throughout; , check whether the open & other; According to the virtual keyboard & throughout; 。 (2) and then click on the keyboard keys in the search box or double-click the search box to see if pop up the virtual keyboard.
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