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Introduction and advantages of advertising machine

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-03
Advertising Machine or LED advertising machine has only appeared in China for more than ten years, while intelligent LED advertising machine is a newer term, it means that the LED advertising machine can not only be used to play audio, video, text, pictures and other multimedia, but also through touch, remote control, even gestures command and control them or let them respond accordingly. Today, we will briefly introduce the application of intelligent advertising machines on several specific products developed and produced by ptksai. Advantages of advertising machine 1. The human microwave intelligent advertising machine designed by Doppler principle and advanced micro-wave and microprocessor technology can accurately detect moving objects. When the target enters the sensing range, the switch automatically judges whether it meets the set value of technical parameters, and then automatically turns on the load. As long as the target does not leave the sensing range, the switch is continuously turned on. When the target object leaves, the switch automatically turns off the load after a period of delay. The human microwave intelligent induction advertising machine can adjust the microwave induction parameters according to the specific environment, and the induction distance can be adjusted: 2m ~ 15 m, adjustable induction environment: 3LUX ~ 2000LUX, induction delay time adjustable: 0. 5S ~ 100 s. The detection distance can reach 15 M ~ 20 m. The delay is 8 seconds ~ 12 seconds or 80 seconds ~ 100 seconds. 2, alarm advertising machine one-button alarm advertising machine can be connected with the public security department 110 command center, using 180Or 360 ° High resolution camera, 24-hour real-time monitoring; When an alarm occurs, there is no need to dial the alarm phone, just touch the 110 alarm button, you can lock the alarm location, time period and the scene of the crime, and you can directly talk to the 110 command center with intelligent voice, after receiving the police, the 110 command center promptly dispatched additional police officers to deal with sudden on-site cases. In addition to the 110 criminal alarm, the alarm advertisement machine also has an interface with 119 fire alarm and 120 first aid. Introduction of advertising machine what are the advantages of advertising machine? The introduction of the advertising machine supports RSS subscription: it can actively obtain real-time news from news websites such as Sina, Sohu and CNN and display it on the screen. Introduction of advertising machine, custom content playback: horizontal tumbling text characters can be displayed at the bottom of the screen, and the text content can be updated at any time through computer control. The introduction of the advertising machine, record the data: record the content, frequency and time of the advertisement played by the vertical advertising machine, and facilitate the data to be provided to the advertising buyer as a voucher for advertising expense accounting. Convenient to update materials: such as promotional pictures, searching for people, special notices, supply and demand information, new product listing and other advertising information. It can remotely perform temporary subtitles or image insertion, split-screen playback, etc. to complete business diversification. Advantages of advertising machine advantages of advertising machine introduction of advertising machine, active download of materials: when the remote database is updated, new materials can be automatically downloaded to the local, when there is a task arrangement, play directly, eliminating the need to wait for playback. Custom Switch machine: Switch machine in a specific period of time to achieve intelligent management. Introduction of advertising machine
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