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Introduction to qr code scanning head embedded android handheld devices in response to a highly efficient scan qr code application

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-17
With the advent of the era of information technology, barcode recognition technology are in rapid infiltration in the trend of all walks of life. Qr code as the carrier of information hiding, the derivatives of two dimensional barcode reading module type also more and more, which is one of the Android handset terminal equipment, its embedded qr code bar code scanning head as the core collection parts, give full play to the qr code identification, decoding and data transmission performance, combined with USB, TTL232 or RS232 serial port output with the background of the Android system of real-time communication function to fully support one-dimension code and qr code scanning. Next we understand qr code on specific part of the scan head and its application. According to introducing, qr code scanning head, also known as the two dimensional barcode reading modules/qr code identification module/qr code read/qr code scanning engine module, etc. , it consists of three parts: (1) scan window where the module; The USB interface; (2) are connected to the cable (3) using RS232 ( A serial port) When need to use the power adapter ( Of course, if you are using a USB cable is not the adapter) 。 Some qr code scanning head mounted embedded to terminal equipment may also be required development board and the second development kit to achieve & other; Qr code scanning & throughout; Function. Qr code scanning head module, as it were, greatly reduce the data acquisition cost and improves the production efficiency, made great contribution for automation, and in the field of mobile payment has brought great convenience for us. As the name suggests, it belongs to one of the bar code scanner type, and the supermarket cashier with the sweep function the same code gun, it has only a & other; Shell & throughout; , is set in the interior of the equipment is not easy to find, just surface leakage qr code scanning lens. It is worth mentioning that the current mainstream of the handheld device will install embedded a qr code scanning module, the following will discuss the application of it in the android handheld terminals. ( 1) Handheld PDA, the PDA products are usually equipped with powerful qr code to read the engine to realize the automation of data collection, can be used for receiving, tallying, picking and packaging management, etc. , as delivery industry, warehousing industry basically will be equipped with, can not only ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the data, and efficiency has been improved significantly. ( 2) Industrial tablet: install the qr code scanning module embedded on industrial tablet can also make it have sweeping code function, can replace a PDA products used in logistics, express, warehousing management, enterprise management, etc. In general tablet manufacturer to reserve a space in advance, then small qr code scanning module integrated into the tablet, using barcode recognition technology to ensure that the enterprise can grasp accurately, real-time state of the goods and the specific flow, and docking with the existing ERP system and data transmission, make warehouse management more real-time, accurate, efficient, raise the working efficiency of the enterprise. ( 3) Android handsets/financial POS equipment: this kind of application of qr code scanner that ACTS as the sweep pay code modules, namely the alipay scanning module used in mobile payment, etc; Through internal Mosaic qr code scanning module intellisense recognition alipay, WeChat payment code, and will scan the qr code and data transmission to the android system the docking mobile payment system to code the function of the deduction. ( 4) Medical apparatus and instruments, medical equipment automatic identification barcode scanning module used for wrist strap on the wisdom of the medical system, medical staff by medical equipment qr code scanning head scans the area on the wrist with barcode and drug, can rapidly and accurately know the patient's condition. Above all, a small bar code reading module to gm in a wide range of areas, it is not difficult for developers to design face doubt, it refers to the optical system, photoelectric coupling system, graphics, digital, codecs, image processing, embedded system and a series of comprehensive technology. Fortunately, shenzhen vision ( RAKINDA) Science and technology, with its 20 years in the field of bar code automatic identification of rich industry experience and good reputation reputation for android handset launched LV3296 qr code scanning head, the following will analyze the LV3296 qr code module performance. 1, high level of integration: decoding board and camera integration design, reduced volume to the limit, can meet the application requirements of all kinds of extremely small OEM handheld devices, 2, excellent decoding technology: has fast decoding ( 200 times per second) And high precision recognition ability, compatible with all mainstream on the market a two-dimensional bar code; 3, rich interface: provide USB and TTL232 serial output interface, and meet the demand of more interface; 4, the induction scan: automatic induction into dormancy mode module, when detect the barcode automatically scan; 5, industrial grade: USES the independent core technology, greatly reduce the power consumption of the run, and prolong the service life of equipment.
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