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Inventory member system customization core function

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-24
Warehouse member management is a customized module for the enterprise's warehouse management department, which is convenient for the enterprise to carry out daily warehouse management. Warehouse member management is one of the core functions, and the change of inventory affects the work of other departments. To move goods from one warehouse to another. First, select the issue warehouse and receipt warehouse, then select the goods to be moved to the warehouse, save and generate the stock transfer document, and then approve it. If it is approved, the stock transfer is successful. But the warehouse transfer must be between different warehouses in the same store, not between different stores. Commodity collecting: Commodity collecting, which belongs to issue operation. Select the commodity production collecting doc for collecting, and then save it for approval. Commodity loss report: the loss report document belongs to the issue operation. In the menu bar, select commodity or enter commodity manually, and then check save approve. Miscellaneous issue / receipt: miscellaneous issue / receipt documents are used for in / out operations other than the system's existing issue / receipt methods. Select issue or receipt, select goods from the menu bar or enter goods manually, and then check, save and approve. The issue / receipt type determines whether to issue or receive goods. Separable, composable, and inventory goods splitting: in order to meet the needs of enterprises to reprocess goods, the function of goods combination splitting is also provided in inventory member management. It is convenient for enterprises to combine several kinds of commodities into one kind of commodity sales or to divide one kind of commodity into several kinds of commodities for separate sales. Increase the flexibility of commodity sales processing. Commodity combination: for combination operation, the combined goods are finished products, and the component goods are raw materials. The system offsets the component goods inventory and increases the combined goods inventory. Commodity inventory: there are six ways to view commodity inventory: total commodity inventory, warehouse inventory, inventory details, labeled commodity inventory, supplier inventory and real-time inventory query, which can be found by criteria.
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