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Inventory of common seven software on the market

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-17
With the expansion of the market, by 2018, China's catering market more than 4 trillion, the software demand for ShouYinDian meal is becoming more and more high. But many cashier software on the market, many vendors can not distinguish which cashier software suitable for yourself, little cool today to simple introduce market commonly used several software cashier. 1. Silver leopard leopard cashier system is xiamen quasi dynamic network technology co. , LTD. Development of a new generation of cashier system software, at present, it has two versions, retail and catering for the supermarket, clothing store, maternal and child stores, used in small and medium-sized stores such as premises. In terms of software functions, it is a blend of traditional enters sells saves the cashier system and network technology, in addition to meet the store daily cashier management succession and financial management, product management, personnel requirements, also supports remote viewing the store management data, cell phones and computers for remote management. Its feature lies in one pace reachs the designated position, simple enough, it contains KDS electronic kitchen, AI cashier, receipts show calories, intelligent monitor and control system for stores, wisdom, stores, cloud background, small program, and other functions, from the cashier, store management, supply chain, to affiliate marketing O2O can use silver leopard 'one-stop' work style, fully meet the stores daily needs. 2. , m, m is a focus on intelligent business development of science and technology of all kinds of intelligent commercial hardware technology companies, is currently the millet technology for two rounds of financing enterprises. Shang meters have been build commodity hardware industry & other; The king of the high quality & throughout; Title, the product function mainly pay attention to order and pay, even several desktop intelligence quotient m launched the cash register in the aspect of function is also focused on in business management, the process of cashier, customer communication to queue, delivery, order, such as dining application development of function, is suitable for small stores to use. 3. Guest as a cloud, founded in 2012, the company cultivates a SaaS technology has been 7 years, mainly for catering and retail merchants and beauty industry services, to provide hardware and software of SaaS overall solution, it covers meals, fast food, baking, convenience stores, tea, food, drinks, seafood city business circle, such as a variety of forms, with different solutions. 4. Branch vein pulse was founded in 1999, listed on the new three board in 2015, is focused on the retail and catering industry, using the mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things such as advanced technology, provide enterprises with cashier management system, aggregation, mobile payment, full marketing channels, and a large data operations, such as digital all-round services. Branch vein covering retail industry, catering industry, monopoly industry, released in 2019, branch vein blockbuster digital China ( China business China + data) To double our engine model driving the digital transformation of retail and catering industry. 5. Shop guy Beijing shop guy technology co. , LTD. Is a company dedicated to provide Internet retailing technology solutions of technology companies, is committed to building China's retail intelligence data cloud platform. Focus on research and development of Internet retail management system based on SaaS model, integration of industry resources, using Internet technology advantage, help traditional retailing rapid transformation, creating new retail ecosystem; To independent research and development of POS/ERP/B2B/B2C/CRM/five application system as the core, covering the convenience store/supermarket chain, chain, fresh fruits and vegetables, such as industry, online channels all get through, help build new retail stores. 6. Good for shenzhen jia for software development co. , LTD. , was founded in 1996, is a collection of software development as the core system integration for the integration of high-tech companies. Good to apply to all kinds of Internet, constructions, and small, the major supermarket chains, department stores, furniture, clothing, etc. In terms of software use, support for multiple currencies receipts, gold can be integral management, promotional discounts, statement analysis management, operation is simple and easy to get started. 7. Guangzhou DE guest DE information technology co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as: DE guest) Was founded in 2016, the Internet is a collection of software development and technical services as one of the high-tech enterprises. , the guest has a strong r&d team and sales and after sales operations team, committed to through the independent research and development of cashier, members, management and marketing in a body's SAAS system for small and medium-sized entity stores provide wisdom stores management solutions. DE guest is suitable for the clothing shoes and hats, business super, restaurant food, car beauty, 3 c digital playground, fresh fruit, beauty salon, etc, from the user's real requirement, effectively solve the enterprise operation cost is high, difficult to get new customers, customers can't demand such as quantitative management, help enterprises to reduce customer acquisition cost, effectively improve sales and industry influence, let the boss control business anytime and anywhere.
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