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investigation into suspected debit card scam continues

by:PTKSAI     2019-11-02
It\'s not clear if there are thousands of consumers browsing debit cards at some point in time. of-
Sales terminal in Victoria last week.
\"This is an active survey led by Interac,\" said Sheira Hallam, head of communications at the Coast Capital Credit Union.
\"While they will have these details, I\'m not sure what they are willing to share while the investigation is underway. ” Const.
Mike Russell said Victoria Police had no update on the case because the bank-
Victims of this case
The matter was not reported to the police.
Skimming operations include forging debit cards using information obtained through a card reader or tampering point illegally installed on an automatic banking machineof-sale terminal.
Coast capital recommends that 950 clients who may be affected change their personal ID number.
Other major financial institutions such as TD Canada Trust, Bank of Scotland, Royal Bank and Bank of Montreal cannot state how many of their clients may be involved.
At the same time, it is still safe to use debit cards, Hallam said.
\"Even if the card is leaked, Interac has zero responsibility to protect them from losses.
As a result, they will not see any loss caused to their account by unauthorized transactions.
\"The chip card has not been compromised,\" she said.
But when people brush magnetic strips on the back of their debit cards, the risk of debit cards being left off is even greater.
The combination of chip technology and input of personal identification numbers greatly reduces the possibility of debit cards being leaked.
\"So, if you dip the chip into the machine, you should be fine,\" Hallam said . \".
Sanic police station
People should make sure debit cards go through the usual keyboard, says Steve Eassie.
\"If you pass your card to someone else to swipe it, make sure it stays in your view.
The key to note is if they swipe a card in a place where you can\'t see what they\'re doing with the card, \"Eassie said.
Victoria Police recommend blocking the PIN with your hand or body while using an ATM or point-of-
Sell terminals, use ATMs from reputable financial institutions as much as possible, and avoid using point-of-
Sales terminals with incompatible chips.
Often change your pin and never share it with anyone, Russell says, and he also recommends reviewing the financial statements for unusual activities and contacting financial institutions immediately if you suspect your card is compromised
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