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Jingdong 'brush face payment' vending machine appears

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-03
During the sixth World Internet Conference, Jingdong payment, a subsidiary of Jingdong data technology, launched a 'vending machine' with the function of 'brush face', which will be able to provide services for large-scale shopping malls, catering enterprises, etc., and open up online and offline information flow and commodity flow. It is reported that the 'brush face payment' module of the vending machine is in line with the relevant technical standards of China UnionPay face recognition terminal, and JD payment has become one of the first partners of China UnionPay to provide the overall face payment solution to the scene of the self-service vending machine. The product realizes multiple transaction verification through 3D live detection and other methods to ensure the accuracy of the consistent comparison between human and evidence, which is a technological breakthrough for JD mathematics and JD payment. For JD digital technology as a whole, at this conference, this vending machine also means that JD payment digital technology has another qualitative breakthrough in the industry digitalization. JD payment will realize the interconnection of equipment, users and data through the strong joint & ldquo; add & rdquo; and Internet means, and bring us a more convenient life by connecting online and offline. Although the popularity of face recognition system is more and more extensive, some people say that this kind of device improves the service efficiency to a great extent through face scanning, but many unknown problems have not been solved, or have not appeared, such as the security of JD payment brush face vending machine. According to BOE, in terms of hardware, the brush face payment vending machine launched by JD payment adopts the methods of dismantling the machine, self destructing, signal shielding, etc. to prevent it from being added with illegal circuits or being modified, which can greatly enhance its security in many ways; for software, hardware security is more important, In addition, JD payment realizes multiple transaction verification with the help of such technologies as transmission security, face recognition, password recognition, payment mark, etc., with the help of special password and 3D live detection meeting the safety standards of the people's Bank of China, so as to enhance the transaction security protection ability. At the same time, through the combination of software and hardware, JD digital technology conducts live detection and face anti-counterfeiting to effectively resist all kinds of malicious face forgery, with an accurate recognition rate of up to 99.99%, which fully shows that in the future, JD payment can definitely be safety first, and everyone can safely use the face brush vending machine. Although there are major players in the market, the technology of 'brush face' is not mature enough, and there is still a lot of room for improvement. It is very difficult for enterprises not only to ensure safety, but also to maintain the convenience of this way. JD digital has started relevant research as early as 2015, and has accumulated rich experience so far. With the deepening of research, JD payment will become a more secure, convenient and efficient payment service.
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