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Keme catering cash register system helps catering

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-25
In the past, the excessive and complicated steps of consumption and cash collection and the anxious human cost of catering enterprises have puzzled the management of catering enterprises. For example, the waiter in the storefront can't deal with the peak flow of people, and can't write down the bill by hand very slowly, and can't immediately consider the order requirements of customers: the software of the storefront system and other online payment mobile software are mutually exclusive, which leads to the consumption and cash collection in the storefront, the cancellation of electronic vouchers, and the check-up Account and inconvenience, not only reduce the work efficiency of clerks, but also prevent the production of wrong orders and accounts. So how to choose the catering cash system? If there is a problem, there will be a solution. With years of experience in the catering industry and the internet strength of keeping pace with the times, keme's catering cash collection system + money sharing Internet solution has solved all the above problems for many catering enterprises in a one-stop manner. If the merchants have no clue about the selection of the catering cash collection system and don't know what factors to mainly investigate, I have made a summary for you! 1. Understand their own catering formats, such as hot pot, Wai meal, light meal, fast food, catering and retail mix, coffee shop, western food, etc. 2. Is it a multi-channel ordering mode. For example: cash register ordering, handheld device ordering, code scanning ordering, self-service ordering machine ordering. Are these methods supported. 3. What is the quality of the cash register hardware? If your restaurant has a large flow of people, you must configure the cash register hardware at the middle and high end. Don't save money on checkout hardware. 4. Is it a cloud integrated system? Does it have mobile app report function? Is it easy to operate. 5. Hardware and software stability 6. After sales service. There is no reliable service, no matter how many functions are available. 7. Is it a smart catering mode or an online and offline integrated system. Keme digital food and beverage cash register system helps food and beverage stores realize the automatic management of store purchase, sales, inventory and reconciliation + take out platform management and operation, eliminating the special 'order receiver'. The automatic completion of purchase, inventory management and accounting reconciliation system, as well as the acceleration of operation speed make the inventory consumption accelerate, which can effectively improve the turnover times and turnover rate, and promote the turnover greatly Increase, reduce labor cost by 50% on average.
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