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Keme's convenience store management system: convenient

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-24
China's consumption upgrading has driven the rapid development of the retail industry. The convenience stores in the city are almost everywhere in the city. Wherever you go, you can almost see the convenience stores. For today's convenience stores, the cashier management system is an essential best configuration, its importance is self-evident. If a convenience store with appropriate scale is equipped with a powerful cash management system, it will not only greatly improve the efficiency of the cash settlement, reconciliation accounting, consumption settlement and other work of the store, avoid mistakes and omissions, but also save the operation cost of the convenience store. The cash collection management system of Kemei convenience store is well-known both in the retail industry and in the industry. It has the following functions and advantages: 1. Improving the picking efficiency of employees and efficient picking system improves the management of the distribution center and the operation efficiency of the store. 2. Ensure that the process of zero error recheck is rigorous, the process is clear and the error rate is reduced. 3. In the process of distributing goods, the key point of transforming distribution price into profit center is to define distribution price freely. It can satisfy users to set different prices for different stores. 4. In the operation process of the member lock system, the powerful member system promotes the second repurchase rate of customers. Case: the pain point of Guangdong Yangjiang Hongyang trade wholesaler. With the continuous increase of business, all wholesale bookkeeping is operated by hand. The workload is huge and the data is easy to make mistakes. Especially in bookkeeping, manual calculators are used. A large number of wholesalers are easy to make mistakes and the data accuracy is not high, which makes it impossible to summarize the accounts timely and accurately Affect the efficiency of daily business and turnover of the firm. Online keme business management software, which combines the daily business management of the wholesale industry to realize the integrated management of wholesale, sales and distribution, covering all aspects of goods import, sales, storage, return, adjustment, inventory, sales, distribution, etc., and integrated to the management of telephone ordering and SMS marketing platform, with stable and reliable performance, simple and practical. Want to know what the convenience store management system is waiting for, please leave a message and consult.
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