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Keme ・ zhihaijing store cash management system

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-25
With the rapid development of science and technology, the wave of new retail has been swept, which makes the new retail once become the focus of merchants. It is understood that & ldquo; in 2017, China entered the first year of new retail, and the scale of new retail market was 38.9 billion yuan. With the development of users' habits and the innovation of new retail mode, the future growth potential is huge, and it is expected that the whole market scale will exceed 1800 billion yuan in 2022;. In the new retail era, for merchants, having a convenient, time-saving and powerful store cash management system is just like icing on the cake. As one of the top digital service providers in the retail and catering industry in China, Kemei, with rich industry experience and keen business insight, makes use of advanced technologies such as cloud computing, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence and Internet of things to provide ERP for enterprises Digital services such as software, mobile payment, Omni channel marketing and big data operation help enterprises realize the overall promotion of business value by building a forward-looking intelligent business model. &'Create multi win, achieve customer success' is the business philosophy of the branch. Branch & middot; Zhihai whale can not only help stores reduce costs and increase sources, but also provide refined management, in-depth operation of members, and provide intelligent solutions. Branch & middot; zhihaijing is mainly for the digital management system of medium-sized fresh food + supermarket, convenience store and other retail stores. It has the following features: first, the efficient fresh sorting method supports two kinds of picking methods, i.e. sowing and picking fruit, and reduces the fresh loss through efficient sorting. 2、 Automatic distribution and sorting can get through the data of the enterprise's commodity distribution, store demand, general warehouse vehicle distribution, route planning and other processes, realize automatic and intelligent management, and create an efficient and collaborative distribution management system. 3、 The intelligent supply chain platform realizes data exchange between merchants and suppliers, real-time viewing of order information and supply speed, unified processing of order demand, reconciliation, settlement and financial management. 4、 To realize the digital branch of members, middot; Zhihai whale can directly grasp the member information through face recognition, connect the member database with the ERP data of the merchant, and cover online and offline scenes to start accurate member marketing.
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