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Kemei supermarket cash in software supermarket

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-24
In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the development scale of China's retail industry, many supermarkets in many regions are breaking through the traditional pattern of focusing on food, and want to develop in the direction of category diversification. In business, supermarket enterprise management not only needs to deal with a large number of inventory information, but also constantly update the sales situation of products, constantly supplement products, and carry out sales data of products Statistics and analysis, therefore, a good supermarket cash register software is to realize the control and transmission of huge supermarket commodity data, to facilitate management and decision-making, improve the ability of store operation, and enhance the core competitiveness. Supermarkets usually have a scale of hundreds to thousands of flats, and are located in places with large flow. The development of convenience stores is flow, which provides customers with necessities of life such as fresh food, food, general merchandise, etc. with good quality and low price. Taking Yuanda supermarket as an example, it is one of the influential large-scale comprehensive supermarkets in Hailar District, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. The enterprise adheres to the business policy of 'innovation concept, pursuit of excellence', keeps pace with the times and keeps innovating. At present, the supermarket has a business area of 3000 square meters, a comfortable shopping environment and complete supporting facilities, which provides consumers with all-round services of 'one-stop' and becomes the first choice for local people to shop. However, with the increasing influence and development scale of Yuanda supermarket in the local area, the traditional manual management method has been far from meeting the market demand. Data can not be queried in real time, goods are easy to be entered repeatedly and wrongly, warehousing and logistics are lagging behind, cash collection speed is slow, management is not smooth and other problems seriously hinder the rapid development and expansion of supermarkets. The introduction of information management and operation has become an urgent task for the development of Yuanda supermarket. According to the operation pain point of Yuanda supermarket, Kemai provides a comprehensive supermarket cash management software & mdash; Kemai Yushang supermarket cash management software, benefit analysis: 1. Simple operation, rigorous process. Supermarkets can automatically combine the system interface according to the authority of personnel. The system interface is organized according to the business process, which is clear, intuitive and easy to operate. The system can be flexibly set up and strictly standardize the management process. 2. Quality management, perfect and meticulous. In the information system architecture, the concept of complete supplier and commodity life cycle management is put forward for the first time, and real-time tracking and automatic prompt are implemented to strictly regulate the introduction and elimination of suppliers and commodities. 3. Various promotions, analysis and tracking. It supports full field discount, DM schedule promotion, time promotion, single limit, total limit, batch special price, bundling promotion, full amount low price or gift, point exchange, printing promotion, etc. 4. Accounting and settlement, accurate and automatic. It supports accurate batch management and adopts the first in, first out accounting method to provide accurate batch gross profit. 5. Membership management, strong security, discount, points, stored value three card management, provide multi-level member discount and multi-level member price. Yushang adopts a large number of feedback from hundreds of thousands of users over the years, combined with the management and development experience in the implementation process of large-scale chain supermarkets, large-scale chain convenience stores and large-scale chain monopoly stores over the past decade, to help enterprises improve their work efficiency, make the disordered supermarket data concrete, intuitive and reasonable, and make the supermarket management unified, procedural and standardized 。
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