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Keyuan cloud platform, strong technical support

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-23
Provide high cost-effective cloud data analysis for businesses. Relying on the strong cloud foundation of JD cloud, the cloud platform covers a wide range of business scenarios and provides businesses with a high cost-effective and powerful cloud data analysis. It is suitable for retail, monopoly, catering and other types of stores, and has strong technical support. 1. Security protection: network isolation between users, perfect security group, DDoS protection and other services. 2. Stable and reliable: service availability, data reliability, cloud disk multi copy disaster recovery, providing the snapshot function of image and data disk. 3. Rapid deployment: rich configuration specifications enable complete one key deployment of business. 4 simple and easy to use: the simple and easy-to-use control and management platform supports second level restart. Ke Mai cloud also has strong product advantages, refreshing the industry's cost performance: Based on the powerful Cloud Server & mdash; & mdash; JD cloud, Kemei is committed to providing users with high cost-effective cloud servers; customized cloud servers for merchants: a cloud server built by Kemei cloud according to the exclusive needs of retail, catering and exclusive merchants, merchants using Kemei ERP can enjoy smooth cloud services; no need to buy hardware, five steps easy access to the cloud: Kemei cloud does not need merchants to buy hardware, no need to maintain software You can use it after you register.
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