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Lack of fresh food management in supermarket,

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-02
When we visit the food market, we know that almost 80% of the market area is used for fresh food sales, and only around the market is used for renting, or opening grocery stores, selling spices and other packaging goods. However, the operation of fresh goods in supermarkets is different from that in the vegetable market or wholesale market. On the surface, the fresh area in supermarkets is the same as the vegetable market, just like the fruit area, vegetable area, aquatic area, meat area, etc. In fact, it is not so simple. In terms of area, it is not equal to the vegetable market. Generally speaking, the fresh area only accounts for about 30% of the business area, while the other area is the standard area. The biggest purpose of opening fresh food in the supermarket is to attract customers through the operation of fresh food, and then guide customers to the supermarket's packaged food and groceries, which are the main sources of a supermarket's real income and profits. According to the current development of Chinese supermarket chain fresh area in recent years, the main reasons for the lack of fresh management are as follows: the integrity of fresh management and the unreasonable commodity structure; the weak sales and profitability; the imperfect management and training system. Only by doing well in management, management and logistics can chain supermarkets develop continuously. Then how to do a good job of fresh food management in supermarkets? The most important is the management and operation. Now some chain supermarkets are not effective in fresh food management. The key to frequent problems in basic management lies in the failure to effectively establish an efficient management system and the failure to choose the right cash collection system. This management system includes training, practical operation, supervision, inspection, assessment, process and other parts. Each part is complementary. For example, the training of new employees needs the help of qualified old employees. After the training is completed, arrange the practical operation to see whether it meets the work needs. After normal work, work shall be carried out in accordance with the work process, during which each node, such as receiving, display, ordering, weighing, loss reporting and other links shall be monitored, spot checked and audited to ensure the implementation of the process. In addition, the supermarket needs to be equipped with a supporting intelligent cash register, which is one of the secrets of the success of each store, and also an indispensable power tool for each store. It is an efficient cash collection equipment integrating cash collection, management and service, which can not only improve the shopping experience of consumers, but also improve the efficiency of store operation and management, so as to improve the turnover of stores.
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