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Lighting up the third annual technology leader

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-27
On December 21, the & ldquo; 2019ctdc third annual Technology Leaders Award Ceremony and the annual meeting of CTO leaders Alliance & rdquo; jointly sponsored by CTOA CTO leaders alliance, itshare and FMCG CIO alliance was held in Shanghai. Tan Shaowei, co founder and product director of Foodway, was invited to attend the event and appear at the annual CIO meeting of retail consumer goods industry. He discussed with more than 500 guests on the spot how new technology and innovation drive retail industry innovation and lead business growth and other related issues, and delivered a wonderful speech with the theme of 'invigorating data assets, online'. In addition, with the technical advantages of 'Omni channel management SaaS platform + business data dual middle platform' and the practice of intelligent landing in the catering retail industry, the dining channel won the 'excellent solution of the year';. The purpose of the conference is to let more business leaders deeply understand that technology driving is the key factor of enterprise development and change, and let more enterprises witness how technology innovation can promote enterprise transformation and upgrading, deeply understand the top technological achievements of the Internet, accelerate the layout of new technologies, and promote the rapid and healthy development of enterprises. As an important part of this activity, this selection adheres to the principle of objectivity and justice, and there are strict standards in the whole selection process, from application selection to shortlisting to award announcement. Based on the theme of 'technology driven business future', the sponsor focuses on the assessment of the actual application effect, reusability, market share, core technology, comprehensive cost performance and national awards of the solution based on the five criteria of strategy, leadership, innovation, influence and contribution. In the selection, the expert group gave a high appraisal to the product and service platform of the food channel. As the connector of the catering retail industry, the dining lane is committed to providing the catering retail enterprises with o2o solutions integrating take out management system, distribution system, business center, data center, BI data analysis, system hosting, etc. Tan Shaowei said in his speech: 'we believe that only through the integration and innovation of digitalization, Omni channel service and new business expansion can enterprises make rapid and accurate decisions, so as to meet the market development process.'. &In the process of digital transformation, many enterprises will carry out the construction of Zhongtai. Is the construction of Zhongtai necessary? Is it to build data Zhongtai or business Zhongtai first? It's a long-standing problem for the catering retail industry. At the 'digital transformation of catering services' forum held in the afternoon, the 'CIOs' from wangxiangyuan, Hexing catering and other famous catering enterprises focused on this issue. Tan Shaowei believes that 'business middle platform' and 'digital middle platform' are the acceleration engines of enterprise digital transformation. Business middle platform provides connector services for information collaboration, while data middle platform provides digital services. According to tan Shaowei's speech on 'activating data assets and online', the business model of the dining way is the '2 + O + S & rdquo; overall solution with the core of' Omni channel management SaaS platform + business data dual middle platform '. Business middle platform provides data transfer and aggregation services for all supplier systems. When an enterprise accesses or switches to a new supplier system, it only needs a single point of docking business middle platform to interact with other supplier system information. In the data center, data analysis and fusion can be carried out through all channels to help businesses further develop data, use the data to carry out traffic tracking and analysis for businesses, and get refined user portraits, dishes prediction, reasonable business circle scope and other analysis for businesses to form digital decision-making. In his speech, Tan Shaowei also shared the operation advantages brought by the dining system with the guests on the basis of the business operation scenarios driven by digital intelligence, such as how to analyze popular products according to the trend of dishes, judge the popularity of dishes according to the repurchase behavior of users, and design the activity menu according to the classification of dishes. Tan Shaowei said that the restaurant can quickly discover the business value in the massive data, turn the data into services through data analysis, quickly provide the business, and provide the catering enterprises with all-round data-based guidance from sales to inventory, from research and development to pricing. At present, the restaurant has served more than 600 domestic and foreign chain brands, covering more than 40000 stores in more than 350 cities across the country, with a total monthly take out turnover of more than 2.2 billion yuan and a daily order volume of more than 300. Winning the '2019 excellent solution Award' is the recognition of the landing ability of innovative technologies in the field of digital transformation. In the future, Foodway will continue to help catering enterprises build a digital intelligent platform with full perception, full connection and full scene through leading digital technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, and constantly light up the new value of catering retail in the intelligent era.
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