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Live face detection-Face identity comparison technology SDK

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-12
Live face detection- Face identity comparison technology SDK 1, face living body detection- Face identity comparison technology 1:1 and 1: N concept face living body detection- Face identity comparison technology 1:1, such as the application of people in hotels, Internet cafes, airport security checks and other photos on the ID card to prove that they are themselves. Think about it. At present, when we pass the security check at the station, the ticket inspector always compares the ID card with you to prove that the ID card is not you. This scene is the face detection-Face identity comparison technology 1:1 scene. According to relevant statistics, the visual recognition accuracy of the certifier reaches about 95%, but the human eye is fatigued, so the station security personnel need to change shifts regularly. The purpose is to maintain a relatively average recognition accuracy. However, in this scenario, if face detection is used- The face identity comparison technology is 1: 1, the recognition rate can reach 97% or even higher accuracy, and the system equipment has no fatigue. Live face detection- Face identity comparison technology 1: N for example, the face recognition and control system that we now apply in stations or some important places such as pedestrian streets and villages in the city is characterized by dynamic and non-cooperative. The so-called dynamic is that the recognition is not a photo, not a picture, but a dynamic video stream collected by the front-end camera; Non-coordination means that the recognition object does not need to perceive the position of the camera and cooperate to complete the recognition work. The whole recognition process is very convenient and will not be rejected. But live face detection- Face identity comparison technology 1: N will affect the accuracy of recognition because of the location, environment, light and even glass reflection, so 1: N is relatively more challenging. Second, face detection- Face identity comparison technology inspection technology face living body detection- Face identity comparison technology inspection system simply refers to a person's face image and ID card ( Second generation card, passport, driver's license, Hong Kong and Macao Pass) The system of comparing and verifying the avatars included in the system uses two core technologies, one of which is face recognition and the other is ID card recognition, then, by collecting face images and comparing the head portrait photos in the ID card, the technology of organically combining the two to judge whether the holder and the person on the ID card are the same person is face living body detection-Face identity comparison technology inspection system. Live face detection- Face identity comparison technology III. Live face detection- Background of application of face identity comparison technology the real-name registration system of domestic special industries, which began in 2009, has played an indelible role in the economic prosperity and social stability of the motherland, however, after several years of practice and development, many drawbacks of real-name registration have also been exposed, leaving some criminals at large so far, with the development of new technologies, especially the continuous progress of biological recognition technologies such as face recognition, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition and vein recognition, some drawbacks of real-name registration have been effectively supplemented. As a pioneer in the field of OCR recognition, I have been deeply exploring the development of ID card recognition and face recognition. On this basis, I have successfully developed a set of live face detection based on server-side-Face identity comparison technology inspection system. Live face detection- Comparison of face identity comparison technology and traditional ID card verification technology: comparison item traditional ID card verification person-in-one verification technology verification personnel authority Network staff higher-level management personnel verify and identify certificate types through person-in-one verification technology second-generation card reading card or mobile phone after taking ID card pictures, manually enter OCR after taking mobile phone shooting the verification efficiency of identification ID card, passport, driver's license, etc. is calculated in minutes, slow in seconds, fast verification of recognition rate network personnel for performance, verification results are not allowed to manually set the threshold, the recognition rate of 95% or more labor costs require a large number of personnel, high cost one management plus verification technology management multiple outlets (Live face detection-Technical flow chart of face identity comparison) As shown in the figure, when the server returns the comparison result to the business outlet, each business outlet can give the customer business. On the contrary, the inconsistent person certificate will not be processed. Shenzhen ptksai Technology Co. , Ltd. was founded in 2009. It is a fast-growing high-tech enterprise group. Its products mainly include: intelligent touch Android all-in-one machine, intelligent touch POS machine, touch Windows intelligent terminal, intelligent digital photo frame, stand-alone and online advertising machine, industrial network equipment and commercial display equipment, video greeting card, professional clock machine, and customized electronic products for major customers. The company has three technology centers combining production, teaching and research in Xi 'an, Shenzhen and Silicon Valley of the United States. 61 engineers are engaged in software and hardware customization and development across time zones, as well as product front-end research. In 2017, the company's R & D team contributed nine innovative invention patents. The high-efficiency intelligent refrigerator and touch POS terminal developed by the company are at the advanced level of the industry. The company is also a solution company for a number of intelligent advertising machines and intelligent digital photo frames, providing complete machines, boards and overall solutions. The company has three manufacturing bases in Shenzhen Longhua, Shenzhen Shajing and Dongguan Daling Mountain, covering an area of 21500 m² square meters. It has its own high-speed Mounter, injection molding machine, mold workshop and dust-free automatic production line. The annual production capacity of PCBA board is 2. 3 million pieces, the annual output of the intelligent terminal machine is 1. 1 million units, which can provide OEM/ODM/EMS services for world-renowned brands. At present, the company has passed the certification of quality assurance system ISO9001 and environmental certification system ISO14001, and its products have passed CE, FCC, CCC, U/L, EUP, Rohs, Reach and other certifications. The company looks forward to long-term cooperation with friends at home and abroad.
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