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Look! Amazon and Microsoft are both doing self-service

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-26
From the convenience store with single commodity to the large supermarket with various kinds, China's retail industry has been developing continuously. However, some of the pain points of physical retail have not been well solved, that is, it is difficult to improve the efficiency of cash collection. Every holiday or promotion, there will be a long line in the cash collection office. The supermarket is too busy to say, and it also reduces the shopping experience of customers. The self-service cash register came into being to improve the efficiency of store cash collection. In terms of the current popularity, the self-service cash register is well suited to the needs of shopping malls and supermarkets, and is favored by more and more shopping malls and supermarkets. Compared with code scanning payment and face painting payment, which need to provide subsidies for promotion, self-service cash register seems to be more smooth. The data shows that the demand and market prospect of self-service cash register are very good. It is understood that the market size of self-service cashier and self-service checkout in the United States alone has reached about $50 billion. According to a survey by IDC, a market research institution, by 2021, the digital transformation of the retail industry will bring 1.5% compound annual growth to the GDP of the Asia Pacific region. Therefore, a large number of enterprises and supermarkets have begun to pay attention to the experience application of self-service cashier. As we all know, Amazon go, which is launched by Amazon, pays more attention to the experience of non payment than self-service cash collection. The customer can scan the code to enter the store, purchase goods, the self-service settlement system can identify what goods you have purchased, and then automatically deduct the payable amount on the bound account. Amazon go, launched by Amazon, even saves customers the steps of scanning the bar code of goods in front of the self-service cash register. The real 'pay when you go out';. With the increasingly hot market demand for self-service bank, technology giant Microsoft also quickly aimed at business opportunities and began to explore in the field of self-service bank. For example, in cooperation with Kroger Co., the world's third-largest retail enterprise, it launched self-service checkout system, electronic tag, data docking, voice customer service, holographic image and other services. It is understood that they plan to develop an intelligent self checkout recognition device, which can automatically identify what customers have taken off the shelf and put into their shopping cart or backpack through cameras and sensors. These cameras can be used as part of & ldquo; intelligent edge computing & rdquo;, connect different devices, and transmit data to the cloud with the minimum amount of data through simple processing, so as to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Now, the digital era is coming, how can the supermarket keep up with the development of the times? Embracing new retail and new technology will be one of the breakthrough points for shopping malls and supermarkets to create high-quality consumption experience and consumption points.
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