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Looking at the pain point of fresh food store

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-29
The sales of fresh food stores and farmer's markets are generally regarded as the industry of 'eating by watching the weather'. Fresh vegetables and fruits are different from packaged goods. Their shelf life is very short, there is uncertainty, and they are more troublesome to store than packaged goods. We should pay attention not to bump or damage them. The price of fresh fruits and vegetables will fluctuate according to the weather, harvest and transportation costs. Sometimes, too much purchase will lead to unsalable sales; too little purchase will also lose potential customers and business. In addition, in the fruit and vegetable shop or the farmer's market, the shop owner is not only responsible for collection and redemption, but also weighing and packaging, which is easy to make mistakes when busy. All kinds of pain points in fresh food stores and farmers' markets affect the operation of stores all the time. How can we solve them? The intelligent cash register integrated with weighing and cash collection is not only used for weighing goods, but also can realize the function of intelligent cash register, combining with weather, season and festival, sales history, sales trend, product purchase, sales and inventory management, real-time scheduling, promotion and preference, order demand forecast, etc. Combined with efficient cash collection methods such as code scanning payment, face brushing payment and aggregate payment, it can effectively solve the pain points of low efficiency of fresh food stores and farmers' markets, inaccurate prediction of purchase, sale and storage, and help stores better realize commodity loss control and store operation. At present, the fruit shop and the farmer's market have begun to use the intelligent weighing and cashing integrated scale, which integrates the functions of cashing, weighing, small ticket printing, etc., and is equipped with a stainless steel scale plate of insect proof design, which is suitable for the weighing scene of fresh fruits and vegetables, to ensure the weighing accuracy and cashing speed. In addition to the dual screen display, you can display the information of product promotion to customers. When customers use the weighing and cash register integrated scale, they can directly weigh fruits and vegetables on the scale. The display screen of the scale automatically displays the commodity name, unit price and weight. The payable amount is clear at a glance, the weighing is accurate, and the whole settlement process is smooth and efficient. In some large-scale agricultural trade malls, these self-service weighing and cash register integrated scales can also realize commodity traceability. When there are problems such as diseases and insect pests, bird flu, pesticide residues, etc., they can quickly trace the source, find the source of sales, reduce losses, and protect the rights and health of customers. Both fresh fruit and vegetable stores and agricultural markets will now be upgraded in terms of inventory, sales, cash collection, management, etc. to help stores sell better and reduce resource waste.
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