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Lv3296 embedded barcode scanning module, a built-in

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-02
The lv3296 embedded bar code scanning module launched by Shenzhen rakinda is suitable for OEM handset manufacturers and integrators, and helps their devices to realize information quickly. The built-in two-dimensional code identification module is small in size, easy to be embedded in other devices, convenient to be built-in; strong, fall resistant, durable, and the scanning module pays more attention to the improvement of flexibility and the rapidity of barcode reading experience. The included COMS image scanning technology can be applied to a variety of application environments, whether one-dimensional barcode or two-dimensional code can be omnidirectional scanning, whether paper barcode or screen two-dimensional code can be identified sensitively, with a high degree of customization. The perfect vision reaches technical after-sales service support, only to create the best embedded barcode identification module in the industry. In order to meet the bar code scanning needs of all users of handheld devices, Vista custom-made. In view of the limited space reserved in the handheld device, it is generally difficult to embed a slightly larger and thicker bar code scanning module. However, lv3296 can be used in all kinds of embedded applications, replacing se955 without sewing, and there is no need to change the mold. At the same time, through a series of research and investigation, it is found that many scanning modules on the market will have great differences in reading performance, such as: scanning is not sensitive, mobile phone screen code is not easy to scan; one-dimensional code can be scanned but it is difficult to scan two-dimensional code, but one-dimensional code is not easy to scan; in mobile phone screen reflection, color film pasting, backlight or dark environment, mobile phone can not be read normally Screen bar code... There are not only many performance problems of the QR code scanning module, but also no one understands the after-sales service; or the after-sales service is not timely and technical problems cannot be communicated. Vision lv3296 is specially designed to meet the bar code scanning needs of all handheld device users. It can easily solve the increasingly common problems of paper code, LCD and mobile screen bar code recognition. Product features: 1. The integrated design of high integration decoding board and camera reduces the volume to the extreme, which can meet the application requirements of various kinds of very small OEM handheld devices; 2. The excellent decoding technology has the ability of fast decoding (280 times / second) and high-precision identification, which is compatible with the mainstream one-dimensional barcode in the market; 3. The interface is rich in providing USB and ttl232 interfaces, which can meet the needs of smaller interfaces Seek; 4. The module enters into sleep under the self sensing mode of self sensing scanning and automatically scans when the barcode is detected; 5. The industrial level adopts the self core decoding technology, which greatly reduces the operation power consumption and extends the service life of the equipment. Application field: lv3296 built-in two-dimensional code module is used on the handheld device, which can quickly read all kinds of quality barcode and two-dimensional code, improve the efficiency of barcode identification and data collection, reduce the cost and optimize the convenience of its two-dimensional barcode reading experience. At the same time, lv3296 combines a new decoding architecture and customized sensors, with longer scanning depth and faster scanning speed. It can easily read low-quality barcodes, especially those that are bent, wrinkled and polluted. Its fast decoding ability, high-precision identification ability and compact shape structure make it easy to realize the combination with PDA products, code scanning gun, financial POS machine, industrial plate and medical treatment The perfect embedment of equipment, light and thin equipment and all kinds of portable handheld devices provides the industry customers with fast digital barcode recognition response, the best cost performance, and strive to improve the performance advantage!
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