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Many industry colleagues have signed up. How about

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-22
In the years of change, what remains unchanged is our ambition to move forward and change the status quo. In order to help the development of POS industry, help enterprises and agents to solve the problems they are facing. On December 19 & mdash; 20, the third annual meeting of China POS industry in 2019, hosted by the authoritative portal China POS machine network, will be held in Holiday Inn Yilin, Guangzhou. At present, the preparatory work for the annual meeting is in progress. This annual meeting consists of three parts: China POS industry president forum and Android POS Summit Forum, China POS industry upstream and downstream suppliers and manufacturers' docking meeting, and the annual meeting large dinner party. Every part of the activity is carefully planned by China POS network. The ultimate goal is to let all the participants return with full load. Solve industry barriers and talk about the future of the industry. At the China POS industry president forum and Android POS Summit Forum, hundreds of enterprise CEOs from all over the country will speak one by one, conduct in-depth discussion and analysis around the current mainstream problems in the development process of the POS industry, and put forward effective solutions to the current development dilemma of Android POS, and offer suggestions for the development of the POS industry. At that time, different ideas and flexible ideas collide with each other, which is bound to break the limitations of personal thinking and put forward the most practical dry goods for the development of the industry. In addition to the summit forum, exchanges, cooperation and win-win results are also highlights of the annual meeting. During the annual meeting, we will provide a product exhibition area for enterprises to display products and technologies. In order to enhance the communication between suppliers and manufacturers, and promote the cooperation between suppliers and manufacturers, the annual meeting will also hold a docking meeting to realize the most direct docking and face-to-face communication between upstream and downstream suppliers of POS machine and manufacturers, break the restrictions between suppliers and manufacturers, and provide a huge opportunity for suppliers and manufacturers to achieve cooperation. It can solve problems and promote cooperation. As a member of POS industry, what else can you hesitate? In general, what you care about is what we care about. What you are confused about is what we want to solve. The development of China's POS machine industry is inseparable from the efforts of every industry colleague. It is not terrible that the development of the industry is facing bottlenecks. What's terrible is that we, as industry colleagues, have missed the best opportunity to solve the industry barriers. As the saying goes, 'one fence, three stakes, one hero and three helpers' says. Xiaobian believes that with the joint efforts of all POS industry colleagues, China's POS industry will be able to break the current situation and write a more brilliant future! December 19, we are waiting for you in Guangzhou!
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