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maryland expands self-service test for auto emissions

by:PTKSAI     2019-10-28
The motor vehicle authority in Maryland is expandingmonth-
The old program allows drivers to test emissions in their own vehiclesservice kiosks.
The idea is that testing on vehicles registered in Maryland should be faster and easier than waiting in line at the test station for technicians.
This is equivalent to refueling yourself or checking your groceries yourself. The self-
The kiosk is open all day at the vehicle emission inspection project Station and MVA office in D. C.
Baltimore area.
Cost of using self-
The inspection fee for the kiosk was reduced from $14 to $10. The full-
Service check still costs $14.
There were two kiosks for the original project.
The expansion plan announced on Tuesday has increased by seven.
The first two have been at the Glen Bernie VEIP station and the Gaithersburg MVA branch since August.
The new branch in Bel Air, Beltsville, Frederick and Waldorf MVA, at the stations of Annapolis, Edgewood and Owens Mills VEIP.
For a complete list of test station locations, click here.
The test conducted by the kiosk is the same as the test conducted by the technician.
Service station.
The driver inserts the test equipment into the vehicle\'s computer diagnostic system to test whether the engine is working properly and whether the vehicle\'s emissions meet Maryland\'s environmental standards.
These are the types of vehicles that are eligible to use themselves
Service booth: Light-
From 2005 and the updated model year, heavy vehicles with a total weight of less than 8,500 pounds
Starting from 2008 and the updated model year, vehicles on duty with a total weight of 8,501 to 14,000 pounds are on duty.
If the vehicle does not meet these categories or the inspection has expired, please go to the full
Test service station.
The two initial kiosks have been tested more than 2,300 times, with a customer satisfaction rating of 85 to 90%, MVA said.
But I think it\'s a really good idea to watch the MVA video to demonstrate how they work.
Every step of the self
Service test, you will follow the instructions shown on the video screen and respond with the touch button.
First, you will pay by credit card and then pick up a test machine to connect to your car.
You will then return the device to the kiosk and wait for the result.
You will receive the usual print output to tell you if the vehicle has passed or failed.
If it fails, you have to fix it and re-test it as if you used the full-Service station.
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