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Maternal and child stores 丨 efficient management scheme member management system, quick to attract customers

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-16
As more and more customers, after the 90 maternal and child stores not only want to be in service to change the traditional way, also want to change the mode in marketing method. Maternal and child stores more and more means that the choice of customers will be more and more, want to lock in customers, must have a set of effective management plan, so business need with the help of a member management system to help business clinch a deal to lock the guest. A, determine and store membership system solution 1, personalized membership registration: studio in the face of people very widely, more businesses in the member registration information, in addition to the basic information, it should also be for the custom registration member information. 2, stored value consumption: guided by means of preferential membership stored value is one of the most effective way to improve members' loyalty, in addition to increase loyalty, for members to multiple consumption, capital turnover to the businessman also has a lot of benefits. 3, favourable activity promotion: business according to the consumption data members, can detailed formulate preferential activities, activities also can be adjusted at any time according to the data changes its strategy, can effectively avoid many mistakes, studio performance improvement with the help of personalized marketing. Second, maternal and child how to make 1, data collection, data management and registration, including basic information data members, member consumption record data, promotional activities such as data collection, usually in addition to the need to manually register member information, other data collected information can be collected automatically by the member management system. 2, sorting data: according to the data type classification and sorting, convenient later check and operation. 3, record receipt: system can automatically record and save data, businesses can view at any time by the background, and the automatic data backup save, timely computer damage, etc. , businesses are without having to worry about the loss of data. 4, data analysis, in addition to statistical data related to business the most important purpose is to analyze the data, through the analysis of data, can be more targeted marketing. Three mother-to-child shop member management system set up, activity plan 1, businesses through the member management system can be detailed to member of appointments, specific requirements, such as recording, convenience of staff at any time to view the customer information, according to different consumption levels of users, can set different levels of discount, can effectively stimulate the user consumption. 2, using the membership recommendation feature, for members to become a seller, constantly pull new recommended users, recommended to obtain the corresponding service or integral, going, rounds, can effectively improve the member registration, for maternal and infant stores of word of mouth promotion has played a very important role.
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