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Maternal and child stores precipitation by store management system member fission a guest!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-18
Mother-to-child through store surplus store management system not only precipitated fans, through marketing activities, fission fans, widen the channels of guest, let a guest easier, easy integration of online resources, let marketing without borders, in line with the new retail, in the form of digital management. Maternal and child stores precipitation by store management system member fission a guest? Online joint, the fast rise 1, pay the membership in maternal and child stores, often can hear the clerk enthusiastically recommend customer card, after handling card can enjoy discount, prizes, such as preferential benefits, but the complicated process of club card, usually need to spend more time, such as fill in the data such as name, phone number and address information. But since using the store surplus is easy to store system, the tedious handle card status has been greatly changed. Customers through sweeping yards receive card after payment notice, activate become members of the store, and can automatically collect customer information such as mobile phone, WeChat ID, WeChat nickname, the clerk can see member or consumer at any time in the background of various information, a member of store precipitation data. At the same time can view the customer's consumption figures portraits, for example: consumption frequency and consumption amount, consumption guest unit price, etc. , can report to analyze the data, adjust business strategy. 2, registered reward from also set membership rewards in the background, to encourage new customers into the shop, for the first time authorized after the phone number, can obtain present integral, coupons, such as reward, so, not only successfully for accumulating a fan, stores and consumers get integral, vouchers and other rewards can stimulate customers to buy. 3, the value group had to pay the membership, the strength of the registration incentives assists, maternal and child unexpectedly in just half a month, it has accumulated thousands of fans, after a fan base, you can by setting the spell fission group activities for fans. Do you spell group activities, the right goods is half the battle. ( Member system)
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