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Maternal and infant industry competition is fierce! Don't panic, thinking fast days inn star yao edition cashier system to help you be a shoo-in.

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-18
With the development of maternal and infant industry, consumer demand grows, the development of maternal and infant stores also formed a more severe test! : service project increase, the derivative product diversity, membership marketing not working, and competition is fierce. Then how can the maternal and infant market competition? Then look at today's case content! 1, super milk dad imports from super milk dad imported from the main infants clothing store, the domestic and foreign milk powder, infant early education toys, there are various: services, with the increase of members, the management of the store demand is growing, so in the hope to have more efficient way of administration. Store location: zhejiang taizhou quantity: 1000 + online number: 9 super milk dad Boss said: & other; Friend recommended me online version star yao, convenient management nine stores, no specialized information technology personnel, oneself also can handle it, meet me the store management function: mobile query, member management functions: member of electronic marketing, and check, the project time card services, etc. ” 2, maternal and child life hall from life hall management of commodity categories, mainly import and export milk powder, clothes, and at the same time: to provide various services, on the choice of the cashier system, want to support more, can help stores stable operation to a great extent. Store location: henan xuchang quantity: 900 + online number: 1 maternal and child life hall Boss said: & other; Asked a friend, a friend said that with the same with him, but he is operating in other industries, I still according to their own judgment, find the day shop trial version star yao, because stores goods belong to, the more I want to be able to secure and stable operation. Select days inn is a valued SaaS model, it is also because star yao version of the function is much, operation is very easy to fit in training new employees also need not spend too much time. ” Day compared to other retail SaaS software of cashier, shop retail star yao version of the function is more abundant, and in view of the large and medium-sized stores, large chain management upgrade the research and development, improve the chain management, store management, financial management, distribution management, and other functions, is more efficient for large and medium-sized enterprises to provide services.
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