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Member marketing problems, a set of customer cloud

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-24
Why pay attention to member marketing? There is a saying in the industry that the proportion of member consumption can be as high as 80%; the probability of new customers introduced by members to become members is as high as 90%; the unit price of member customers is more than twice that of non member customers & hellip; members are the groups that catering enterprises must pay attention to. If even this part of consumers fail to serve well, it is also misleading. In the era of big data with continuous progress of science and technology, enough member data precipitation can help brands to play more tricks. It also has many benefits for brand in-depth crowd portrait analysis, stimulating consumption, brand promotion and so on. However, the current catering member marketing is facing two major pain points. 1. At present, more and more people pay attention to member marketing. Some brands are praised by the industry. Some brands still don't seem to find the trick, let alone play their potential value. Low conversion rate most businesses will do member marketing, but they only stay at the level of powder absorption. The conversion rate is not high, and they fail to continuously tap the value of users, resulting in a great waste of resources. For example, many businessmen think that members are WeChat fans, and WeChat official account is the fan. In fact, if there is no corresponding member marketing, gradually, these fans will become sleeping users. The hot pot brand Shu Daxia has encountered a similar situation: after a series of marketing and promotion activities, it has attracted a large number of fans, but it has not conducted timely guidance and marketing for fans, and fans are gradually sleeping. Later, in order to activate these potential customers, great Xia Shu sent unconditional mortgage bonds with a face value of 100 yuan to millions of fans to stimulate their consumption. After the situation became stable, great Xia Shu continued to provide fans with various rights and interests, so as to maintain the enthusiasm of fans. It's not too late for the great Xia of Shu to mend the situation. However, more businesses are not satisfied with this, and they don't know how to do it. The member system is not perfect. Many catering people feel that they don't understand member marketing and system. This inherent concept also leads to a few catering brands having achievements in member marketing at present. Many large-scale chain and small and medium-sized catering brands have only system and no operation. As Yang Zhao, the former member marketing manager of Xibei youmian village, said: 'many catering enterprises are still in a state of member system but no operation, incomplete member system design, and operation in a state of no system, no method and no planning. &From this point of view, a set of perfect member marketing system that can give more initiative to businesses is particularly important. 2. The customer like cloud intelligent management system helps businesses to play with the member marketing customer like cloud intelligent store management system, with built-in member and marketing management functions, which can realize multiple marketing methods such as points, stored value, electronic coupons, etc., help businesses improve customer loyalty, and establish a self marketing platform. Its powerful function can help businesses to play member marketing. With complete functions, big data helps to improve the conversion rate in member management. Merchants log in to the merchant management background through the software system of the customer cloud intelligent cash register, which can realize multiple functions of member management, such as opening members, preset customers, supporting the import and export of member information to help merchants manage their own customers. The member list presented in the background can clearly see the member's name, member level, mobile phone number, store and other details, so that the manager can directly and quickly preview the member status. Based on the huge membership data, catering enterprises can realize the in-depth analysis of their customers and make corresponding services, so as to improve the customer's goodwill and increase the conversion rate. The design of membership system is complete, and businesses have more initiative in member marketing. In order to facilitate the integrated operation of merchants, the marketing data and functions (including points, stored value, e-tickets, etc.) of customer like cloud can perfectly receive customers like cloud SaaS product line system. There is no pressure on store operation, and there is no need to connect additional marketing member system at all. In the marketing function of business management background, businesses can independently choose to set up precise marketing, single commodity marketing, multi commodity marketing and other marketing methods according to the festival and new product sales strategies, support the launch of various types of coupons and policies, and only need simple operations to interact with members to achieve increased revenue. Catering people all know the importance of member marketing, but it is difficult to find accurate and convenient tools, especially catering businesses below the waist. In the past, under the traditional membership system, the conventional practice is that customers fill in information to apply for membership, restaurants issue membership cards, and manually register customer information. Therefore, it is very difficult to manage member data, and marketing is naturally difficult to achieve the desired effect. With the rise and popularization of SaaS platform for Internet catering, it is believed that more and more catering enterprises can take advantage of it to realize the intelligent management of members. This is exactly what guest Ruyun is doing and is good at.
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