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Method for maintaining intelligent cash register

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-05
on the premise of following the market rules, taking advantage of the bonus period of mobile payment, offline payment has attracted much attention with a new attitude of scene payment, and offline real economy has also risen in a new way, among them, as the carrier of online bill collection channel for scene payment, the traditional cash register is gradually eliminated due to its disadvantages of single function, no operating system, no openness, etc, intelligent Cash registers equipped with Android system, supporting multiple scene payment and writing applications have surfaced, becoming a strong support for scene payment. How to maintain the smart cash register: please keep the smart cash register away from strong electromagnetic fields. 2. The location of the intelligent cash register should be selected to avoid direct sunlight, little temperature change, away from water and less dust. 3. Do not plug and unplug the live parts and peripherals of the smart cash register in the live state. 4. Avoid using smart cash registers in environments that are too high or too low, and avoid exposure to strong sunlight or high humidity. 5. Do not wipe the smart cash register body with a damp rag or chemical when cleaning the smart cash register. Such as gasoline, thinner, etc. 6. Select a flat and non-vibrating table to place the smart cash register. 7. Do not vibrate, shake or force the smart cash register. 8. Please note that the smart cash register will be seriously damaged or will not work if the power supply voltage marked on the nameplate behind the chassis is used. Smart cash register * do not share a socket with other high-power frequently started appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. The power outlet should also be located close to the smart cash register and easy to plug in so that the power can be cut off in case of emergency. 9. In areas or shops with poor power grid quality, regulated power supply should be equipped to supply power to intelligent cash registers separately. The method of maintaining the intelligent cash register is shared here today. With the development of mobile Internet and mobile payment, offline commerce and online commerce gradually merge to form a closed-loop Business Ecology, as a result, merchants have been forced to upgrade their stores, have the function of aggregate payment, and have the ability to carry value-added services for store management. It is believed that under the bonus of mobile payment, smart banking will be the main driving force to help the offline economy to achieve a new round of take-off.
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