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Touch POS Terminal

Touch POS Terminal


There is an increasing use of mobile POS terminals in small stores and startups.  PTKSAI Mobile POS terminals do not rely on bulky computers and peripherals,not limit your services area around checkout counter and no worry about transportation and maintenance of POS machine. The mobile POS android terminal can be flexibly used anywhere connecting 4G network and integrates all key functions of the dealing, including invoices printing ,barcodes scanning, payment settlement, data transmission and POS app. Besides, mobile POS terminals, touch pos billing can be extended to inventory counting, data monitoring, automatic reconciliation, fingerprint entry, face recognition and etc. PTKSAI currently released KS-MA and KS-MB two mobile POS terminals, no matter mobile POS with EMV certified for bank card or simple order terminal, good quality is what PTKSAI pursues and commits.

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