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Mobile version of administrative assistant cashier system 丨 details about business conditions

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-05
The boss assistant is to provide the business owners or managers of the mobile end query little helper. Assistant by the boss, the boss or manager can query the mobile phone store sales and gross profit report, real time control of the company's business situation, helps the enterprise greatly improve leadership decision-making hysteresis sex, improve the efficiency of management and enterprise competitiveness. The boss assistant to help you understand what business? 1. Cash flow in control: in a timely manner to understand what is the total turnover every day, how much is each store sales & hellip; … 2. Sales trends: some recent week of business direction, compared to last month's case & hellip; … 3. Maori real-time understanding of commodity: daily, weekly, monthly, each store what Maori are respectively each goods & hellip; … 4. Store the relative merits of performance: how each store sales, which is the best store performance, which stores worst-performing & hellip; … 5. Hot style goods clear judgment: what good sales, what goods sales sent a see know & hellip; … Just a mobile phone can be a simple and convenient stores daily operation and management, to make the business more simple. Mobile cashier support mark and no commodity sales, can use WeChat, pay treasure, such as cash, member wallet payment. Low fast send coupons by merchant assistant can quickly distribute the coupons, customer code can collect, coupons qr code can be spread on the WeChat, bring more exposure to stores. Low member management, new member, view can be instant information to the member deposits, integral exchange, management level, etc. Low report queries can be real-time view of business report, members report, financial statements, procurement report, inventory report and other data.
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