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Nether cashier in the system: the cashier professional software, help opening new stores do marketing!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-13
Whatever the industry, marketing activities for businesses are operating one of the most important business strategy in store for & other; Marketing & throughout; Has a high demand for fresh industry is also used, but in many cases the organization's activities at the same time, because of the lack of system thinking and professional cashier software tools, high at the end of the low income, all things are difficult before they are easy, today with you to discuss how to do with cashier software to open marketing? If it is a new store opened the ongoing marketing activities, the night before begin to do related preparation, promotion, followed by use of shimron cashier software to set more specific marketing activities, no matter when members are the most stable customers in stores, so in the marketing activity, the clerk remember must guide the customer registered members. A, new users a gift for the first time as a member of some customers can receive exclusive privilege, as presented in the sell like hot cakes, and low prices, goods buy stamps, to attract customers to register; Full cut coupons, set to the storage period can be used, the secondary circumfluence to attract customers. As our shimron users can on-demand set coupons for conditions, conditions of use, number, and each user limit lead times, etc. With different content, the combination of different types of coupons, to match the different effect. Second, prepaid phone send store shows that as long as it's members, prepaid phone sent, according to the different amount of different amount of prepaid phone away. This can not only increase the members, but also guarantee the passenger flow, do business for a long time. Member prepaid phone send to & other; Ladder top-up & throughout; Manner, as the activity open time delay, send top-up amount will be reduced constantly, to customers a & other; Throughout early break even earn filling &; Impression, cause a sense of urgency to the customer, promote members top-up. Three, limited privileges during the period of new store opening, can organize a full goods discount, 9. 5 discount specials. Full-court activities can have great attractive for consumers, especially the little discount stores. And as our shimron users can be set in the system the background also spell group, combined sales in selling its or his goods, such as preferential activities to promote sales. Of course, such activities for members. Nether cashier system about how to use the store openings, compared to all have a certain degree of cognition. The function is not limited to the family of the, of course, the lower support also support spell group, custom full reduction, flexible combination of various marketing function and the parameters of the custom Settings, and so on, whether want to new product promotion, brand image, attract traffic, or go to inventory, shimron in many marketing play there is always a combination or play for you to choose from.
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