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New application of face recognition for ptksai visitor

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-13
Ptksai will integrate the registration of visitors in and out of the school with the registration management of school entrance and exit, and form a solution specially applied to the school with ptksai visitor and related road rolling equipment. Now it is the development of science and technology that has entered the era of intelligence, replacing the traditional manual registration and solving the problem of the guard. Many places are equipped with intelligent visitor planes to ensure the safety of our surroundings, at the same time, the image of the venue has been improved. It also provides face recognition algorithm for high-end users in the accuracy and image of visitor registration information. ptksai's research team elite is dedicated to the visitor P12 for high-end users. This product has high-end design and comprehensive functions. The product quality and performance are satisfied with many units and are a good choice. Operating system: windows or Android, touch technology: infrared touch, regular color: white blue, white gray, white Orange, body material: Sheet metal, plastic shell, integrated peripherals: Second generation ID card (IC card) , Camera, thermal printing, OCR recognition (External), Infrared scanning, telephone (External) The layout of the dual-screen visitor aircraft operation module is comfortable and convenient. The function is perfect, the display is intelligent, the second-generation ID card registration is carried out for the visiting personnel, and the on-site photo collection is collected; Support mass storage of data, registration information can be permanently saved; Data Query: dimension query can be performed on visiting data and data export is supported; Detailed inquiry can be made according to the date range, and summary printing can be carried out; Detailed inquiries can be made by name; According to a certain person within a certain time range, detailed inquiries can be made; According to different management personnel, set different usage rights to realize hierarchical management; Blacklist personnel data management, to remind the blacklist personnel registration; Provide SDK development kit to enable the third platform to accept face recognition results; Ptksai visitor P12 is not only used for safety escort, but also can improve the company's image. Machines are suitable for government, enterprises and schools! The visitor aircraft is applicable to the following industries: 1. The court, the inspection court, and the judicial bureau system: The court has strict security requirements for foreign entry and exit personnel. In addition to the foreign personnel entering the court, they must check the prohibited items (Such as explosives, controlled knives, etc) In addition, at present, the identity registration of visitors is originally a manual method. In addition to the inconvenience of checking, it is sometimes in the situation and the management is not rigorous enough. Therefore, the court is * need to visit the plane. 2. Transportation Department and Transportation Bureau; 3. Security service company; 4, the public security department, the local municipal public security bureau; 5. Four major State-owned banks and private joint-stock banks ( Such as Xingye, China Merchants, Huaxia, Everbright, Minsheng, etc. , as well as local banks in various cities) 6. Provincial government, municipal government, District and County Government: this kind of customer is one of the customers who need. There are many government units in the government compound, and there are many gates and many large and small buildings. Each gate needs one or more visitor planes, and each building * is equipped with a visitor verification machine. 7. National tax and local tax system: Provincial state taxation bureaus, local taxation bureaus, local taxation bureaus of various cities. 8, other organs and institutions: secrecy Bureau, entry-exit administration, import and export administration, Food and Drug Administration, Health Bureau, inspection and quarantine bureau, Education Department/bureau, Agriculture Department/bureau postal service, finance department/bureau, radio and television bureau, tobacco bureau, etc. 9, postal and 3 major operators (Telecom, Unicom, mobile)At the local headquarters. 10, electricity, hospitals, railways, etc. 11. All kinds of design institutes: as the design institutes have some important confidential documents, there is an obvious demand for the registration of visiting customers' certificate information. 12. Large and medium-sized state-owned or private enterprises. 13. Education industry: that is, all primary and secondary schools, because most schools currently adopt semi-militarized management, and the public and the government attach great importance to the safety of schools. The demand for visitor planes is obvious. Targeted learning
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