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New crown pneumonia for retailers struggle guest as 'poly tower plan' with food companies spend the difficulties

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-10
Outbreak of the New Year, everybody understand: living well is more important than anything! However a lot of food for small and medium-sized enterprises have to face the survival difficult predicament, stores can't normal business, revenue, day in and day out, how to withstand the high rents and artificial costs? Outbreak will end, business will continue. For the full support of the merchants of all take an active part in fighting the epidemic, food and beverage retail SaaS leader guest as launch & other; Poly tower plan & throughout; Through the six steps, to minimize the impact of the epidemic of catering businesses, tough problems with merchants. Measures: an as hongyun the first batch of 2000 sets of checkout equipment free of charge as a cloud of epidemic period still stand in a line for outbreak of local life safeguard region of hubei province catering businesses to give special support, all eligible hongyun merchants can be free for a whole set of competitive intelligence (cashier machine Cash register + + printer scan code box + cashbox) 。 The intelligent cashier all-in-one can sweep independent code order, self-help cashier checkout, in this special period, can reduce the contact with customers and employees, reduce payment face to face, safer, more efficient, affiliate marketing functions also conducive to merchants epidemic period management good old customer, improving customer stickiness, increase the revenue. Measure 2: polymerization free upgrades during the outbreak of the take-out delivery system platform is still adhere to the operation, to ensure the daily life of each city, medicine material flow distribution, in order to support merchants actively join the fight against disease, the guest will be like a cloud system free upgrade for all food and beverage merchants all channel delivery management functions, make full use of delivery platforms capacity, make the management more healthy. Guest as intelligent system can tech-oriented take-away docking platform, a key bindings, quick opening, help catering businesses quickly restore operation; Can receive hungry? , Meituan, drops, jingdong, WeChat, alipay, etc all kinds of take-out platform orders; Support the hummingbird, jingdong, motion, dada, flash, such as many crowdsourcing distribution way, more can support the distribution mode, involve idle waiter flexible in delivery distribution business, reduce the cost. Guest as intelligent system can also be aggregated different delivery platform reports, unified, convenient management and promote efficiency. Step three: online traffic support group guest as intelligent cashier system seamless docking word-of-mouth, cost-effective, since such as business, selling group buying, selling packages, selling item is favorable, rapid drainage, quickly drained; Seamless docking hungry? Take-out traffic support, automatic enjoy hungry? At present the rate for merchants and subsidy policy, settlement, save money. New hungry stores, has a much better chance of get hungry? $25 million new stores to support traffic card, rapid delivery flow ascension. Step four: with all the financial institutions to intensify credit guest as 10 electronic retailing Banks and other financial institutions hand in hand, for the hubei area in credit businesses to provide business loans support, during the outbreak promised not to take credit loans, new loans in hubei area merchants to reduce barriers to entry at the same time, priority to accept the loan, special funds to support. Deferred payment: hubei electronic retailing Banks in credit be deferred payments for merchants, epidemic period does not affect the credit, and to waive penalty; Special rate: every area of hubei province food stores and drug stores, can apply for interest cut up to 10%; Full interest-free: every area of hubei province from unfortunately new crown pneumonia in the credit of the owner, you may apply for a full exempt interest. Step five: pay rate reduction & amp; Subsidies for merchants authors pay rate for catering businesses are concerned, the guest will be like a cloud through cuts and subsidies in the form of, for merchants to authors, specific as follows, preferential extension ( Applicable national merchants) : all payment of sapphire blue sea, WeChat wisdom restaurant businesses continue to enjoy preferential tariff to March 31, 2020; The new household subsidies ( Applicable national merchants) : on February 1, 2020 to March 31, 2020, during the first passenger flights as mobile payment and pay the sapphire blue sea merchants, signing up during this time the guest like a cloud to provide mobile payment in full fee subsidy. Special subsidies ( Only available in hubei area merchants) : on February 1, 2020 to March 31, 2020 in hubei area all have open guest as mobile payment business, guest like a cloud to provide mobile payment fee in full subsidies. Step six: professional team speed response, is the escort merchants since it was founded in 2012, the guest as committed to through the new technology, new services to help businesses realize digital, intelligent upgrade, implementation & other; Store, guest like a cloud to & throughout; Vision. The guest like a cloud & other; Poly tower plan & throughout; & the other; Professional team & throughout; Is the core of the whole project smoothly. Can the guest as a cloud has a fast response pre-sale professional team, including the following, rest assured purchase: business team one-on-one service covering 400 cities, remote sales, online demo products, electronic payment, mobile payment scan code signing contract, without physical contact, rest assured purchase. Ease maintenance: covering 400 cities after-sales team, 1 to 1 operational guidance, remote installation, remote training, make sure you use. Speed response: 4008866815 professional 7 * 16 hours online customer service, fast response to all kinds of use; Customer success: dedicated customer success adviser to professional services, customer position and rich experience for the business management ideas, integration of resources, power business is thriving. Against the disease, the guest as launch new initiatives, not only more comprehensive upgrade service experience, by multi-layer security service, fast response to business needs. As the guest as a cloud, founder and CEO phoenix said, & other We believe that the power of each tiny, together there is a huge difference. ” There is demand of merchants can timely contact guest as local branch or service providers, also can be directly consulting 400 after-sales.
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