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【New policy]Closely related to you--Face recognition mobile phone access!

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-18
Face recognition technology is believed to be familiar to everyone. With the rapid development of science and technology in today's society, face recognition technology has been widely used in all aspects of our lives, for example, face recognition has passed security check, face recognition has taken a bus, face recognition has entered scenic spots, human body medical treatment, face recognition has handled bank cards, etc. The scope of face recognition is also constantly becoming wider, not long ago, mobile phones also needed face recognition to access the network, that is to say, physical channels should be used to access the network. 'Brush face'. The General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the 'Notice on Further Improving the real-name registration management of telephone users' (Hereinafter referred to as the notice) To guide telecom enterprises to carry out the real-name registration of telephone users and consolidate the foundation of network integrity system construction. The 'notice' issued this time has put forward 11 specific measures to strengthen management and further consolidate the work results from three aspects: consolidating basic management, increasing prevention and management, and supervising chemical technology. 1. In order to ensure the consistency of the telephone access to the network, innovative use of artificial intelligence and other technical means, telecom enterprises are required to fully implement portrait comparison technical measures in physical channels from December 1, 2019, only after the portrait comparison is consistent can the network access procedures be completed. 2. In-depth prevention and control of the second reselling of telephone cards, all telecom enterprises should improve the terms of the telecommunications service agreement before the end of November 2019, and clarify that users are not allowed to resell or resell telephone cards for the second time, and make full use of posters, advertisements, text messages and other ways to actively carry out publicity reminders to guide users to the formal business premises to buy phone cards. 3. Actively prevent uninformed card handling under the user name, and require telecom enterprises to provide users with the service of inquiring the mobile phone number under the name through their own business halls from December 1, 2019, mobile phone numbers that raise objections to users should be immediately verified and processed to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the masses. In the era of big data and information, everything is possible. From the perspective of development, the quality of life has been improved, but from the perspective of information security, there are also some hidden dangers. Therefore, artificial intelligence and face recognition technology should be well utilized, do a good job in the control of relevant information. For the cashier POS manufacturers, there is still a long way to go! Face recognition mobile phone access to the network is a sign of the development and progress of information technology and a basic guarantee for the security of personal identity information. In the future, the leakage of personal identity information will decrease, and we also look forward to a safer network environment in the future.
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