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New upgrade, fruit store cashier system also want to upgrade, store management will be efficient!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-04
The fruit store, familiar! Most stores management, will according to the conventional patterns, all kinds of fruit and occasionally from some other afraid to run. But with diversified demand, the traditional mode of management still need to keep up with the development of steps, so the fruit supermarket was born. Traditional fruit shop upgrade for the mode of supermarket management, appeared in front of consumers in the form of a new, meet consumers for goods at a low price, convenience, fashion, the good faith, high quality requirements, and the current form of ordinary means into competition, and has more advantages. 1, compared with the traditional means, the characteristics of the new upgrade of fruit supermarket is to reduce the intermediate links. At a lower price on consumers, makes the fruit supermarket is no longer strange to consumers. The store tidy uniform fruit supermarket is attracting customers in the form of a high-volume, low-margin business. Let consumers benefit from direct selling, and quality guaranteed; 2, fruit supermarket, it takes a good decoration, give a person the feeling of a direct is: creative layout, more close to the service of the shop, a service. Fruit supermarket is to deliberately create a & other; City of orchard & throughout; The atmosphere; 3, with large supermarkets in order to increase customer stay time. This store is self-evident to the requirement of the cashier system, multi-function support store management, easy to operate. Think fast days store retail version star yao cashier system has powerful pipe shop, in combination with retail stores procurement purchase frequency and the management pattern, star yao version moving weighted average method is adopted to improve the cost accounting, the inventory cost of goods price according to the weighted average income class documents automatically each time, more accurate response cost, also can provide more accurate management reports. In addition, by day mobile phone APP, no matter when and where all can store management. Shops operating status, management reports, inventory data, employee information such as mobile phone APP real view, stores management more efficient.
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