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nordstrom sees sales boost from mobile pos devices

by:PTKSAI     2019-10-30
Long queues are one of the worst nightmares for retailers
Especially those who are about to buy hundreds of dollars worth of goods.
For these customers, a few minutes in line provides the opportunity to think about their upcoming purchase.
This time allows customers to think about the necessity and cost of buying and give too much time
Analyzing potential purchases, customers in line can easily decide to set aside a portion of potential purchases and pay less for fewer items
Even walk away completely.
Retailers such as Apple and Home Depot recognized a few years ago the need to eliminate this wait, providing employees with mobile POS devices, and customers can check out from anywhere in the store if they use debit cards or credit cards to pay.
Apple retail store employees have been holding iOS devices for several years, and consumers can easily shop without queuing.
In early 2011, Home Depot launched their \"first call\" to allow customers to check out anywhere in the store without having to wait in line.
Now, Nordstrom, Seattle.
Headquartered in fashion and beauty retailers, clothing, shoes, cosmetics and other beauty products are availableof-sale (POS)
Complete equipment
Line stores, as well as some of their Nordstrom shelf stores.
These mobile POS devices are an improved iPod Touch with commodity scanners and credit card sliders that allow employees to view customers from anywhere in the store.
The app on the device also provides Nordstrom\'s sales staff with access to the company\'s entire inventory, which is very useful in helping customers check if there are alternative sizes or colors elsewhere, this information can be queried without registration.
Nordstrom deployed more than 6,000 devices in 117 devices
In some Nordstrom regions, there are more mobile POS devices than normal registers.
Colin Johnson, a spokesman for Nordstrom, said the devices were part of Nordstrom\'s larger plan to help \"deliver a store experience with more technical support.
\"He noted that in 2005 Nordstrom began offering options to ship goods directly to customers, and in 2009 the company integrated inventory with its online store.
In 2010, Nordstrom then introduced WiFi to the store, \"making it easier for customers to stay in touch at the store by shopping with mobile devices, comparing and learning more.
\"With WiFi, Nordstrom laid the foundation for these new mobile POS devices, which Nordstrom initially launched in the medium term
2011, mainly used for B. P. (
Fashionable young women\'s District)
And shoes, which is a group of smaller sectors targeting specific populations.
Other departments that use these devices include men.
At the Nordstrom Flagship store in downtown Seattle, most of the sales staff in these departments can be found, they all have a mobile pointof-
Sell the equipment and use them to checkout customers who pay with plastic.
When Nordstrom customers checkout using mobile POS, they can sign the purchase and enter the email address of the paperless receipt.
For most Nordstrom customers, checkout with mobile POS is a very intuitive experience, almost a very simple experience.
Johnson explained that Nordstrom\'s goal of using mobile POS is actually to \"take care of customers anywhere in the store \".
We don\'t need to take you to the checkout counter, instead we can do it with you in the locker room or when you try on your shoes --
Then you\'re on the road.
He added: \"The ability to improve speed and convenience is becoming more and more important.
\"This is becoming more and more important not only for the convenience of customers, but also for the sales of Nordstrom.
According to the company\'s 2012 quarter sales report, \"Preliminary quarter-to-
Total retail sales by date is $1.
73 billion increased by 15.
3%, total retail sales amounted to $1.
The 50 billion fiscal year was 2011 euros in the same period.
In addition, according to the annual report of 2011 Nordstrom, \"compared with 2010, the average selling price in 2011 and the number of goods sold have increased.
\"Is it a coincidence that the average number of sales and the average selling price have increased after the implementation of the mobile point? of-sale devices?
While Johnson explained that Nordstrom\'s new mobile POS is designed to provide customers with a \"faster and more convenient experience and reduce the time it takes for customers to check out, he added, \"Anything that can help us is beneficial. \"
\"This efficiency undoubtedly reduces the potential time for customers to think about buying before registering.
While consumers may enjoy the convenience provided by these new mobile POS devices, Nordstrom\'s 2012-month sales report and 2011 sales figures all suggest the real benefits of these new mobile pointsof-sale devices.
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