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Not to be missed, 2019 China POS machine industry feast

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-29
The profit space of enterprises and agents has been squeezed, the sales channels have been occupied by Internet companies, the sales volume of enterprises has declined, the agents have been difficult, the enterprises have declared bankruptcy, the agents have changed careers and other issues are common in the POS machine industry in recent years. The surging and stormy market storm of POS machine industry has never stopped, but there are always enterprises that can meet the difficulties and achieve little. So, in the face of the fierce and surging POS machine industry market with unclear future, how do those enterprises that stand at the top of the industry solve the problems encountered in the development process again and again, and deal with the ever-changing POS machine industry market? In December, hundreds of senior managers of famous enterprises and experts and scholars of POS machine industry will set aside the fog for you one by one. On December 19, the third annual meeting of China POS industry in 2019 hosted by China POS machine network will be held in Yilin Holiday Hotel, Guangzhou. The annual meeting is composed of three parts: China POS industry president forum and Android POS Summit Forum, China POS industry upstream and downstream suppliers and manufacturers docking meeting, and the annual meeting large dinner party. &'Don't forget your original intention and forge ahead'. This year, China POS network will continue to build a high-quality and efficient communication platform for colleagues in the POS industry. Built to measure. At the China POS industry president forum and Android POS Summit Forum, hundreds of enterprise CEOs from all over the country will speak one by one, conduct in-depth discussion and analysis around the current mainstream problems in the development process of the POS industry, and put forward effective solutions for the development of the current Android POS industry, so as to offer suggestions for the development of the POS industry and help the POS industry Machine development and growth! This will be a rare thought storm. At that time, countless industry solutions and development ideas of well-known enterprises will be presented to you without reservation. Solve industry barriers and talk about the future of the industry. At present, the registration of the annual meeting is in full swing. If you are still hesitant to sign up, you must sign up. This is only once a year. Maybe you are still obsessed with all kinds of trivia of the company. You don't think you have time to attend the 2019 China POS industry annual meeting. But every day there are trivia, POS industry tycoons gathering grand occasion is not often. The weak miss the opportunity, the strong seize the opportunity; if we miss this year, we have to wait another year. If you want to get out of the dilemma and get the best opportunity for the development of the industry, please pick up your mobile phone and sign up for the annual meeting! December in Guangzhou, we will make an appointment with you for the annual meeting to build a dream! Reminder: China's official account number of POS network: &ldquo, POS pos580com or pos580cn ” please select &ldquo in the menu below the official account; &ldquo in the Exhibition Conference; &ldquo in the exhibition; &rdquo will be registered; the newspaper will be named. Or directly reply to 'annual meeting' to open the application form and invitation letter. If you have any questions during the registration process, please contact Chen Wei wechat: 17710714095 (the same phone number).
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