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Nowadays most of intelligent food convenience store

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-17
AI wisdom convenience store system: using the consumption big data, face pay, self-help cashier, self-help techniques such as sale, realize self-help operation convenience store 24 hours, according to the sales data, automatically push the latest menu order, help guide shops and stores management, than traditional convenience store increase 30% 50% of the profit ability. New retail O2O: orders through the online platform + offline store experience, and wisdom to build a covers the whole product category, more convenient, experience better convenience stores, the immediate consumption demand for the consumer, covering online stores 3 km of purchase requirements, improve the viscosity active users, to achieve double the turnover. 5 g iot smart cooking equipment: 5 g Internet of things as the core technology, build wisdom cooking food machine, realize customer self-service order, all the cooking and production automation, more healthy, more fresh and delicious food, meet the demand of customer three meals a day + night snack food, improve overall profit margins to about 45% stores is much higher than traditional convenience store.
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