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Of shimron stores management software | three-step easily calm beauty stores marketing problem!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-13
According to the latest figures, the beauty salon store huge space for development in our country, the number of stores is rising growth, there will be a bigger development space in the future. The beauty industry market, though large, but not all beauty salon operator can share. Along with the market competition gradually intensified, characteristics, highlight the stores gradually emerge out of the water, but as people living standard unceasing enhancement, people's demands to swell, so part of the beauty salon in gradually moving towards intelligent, but now the industry mature beauty salon management system software is still rare. A good store management software is an important factor in its marketing activities, what is the beauty shop management software marketing? 1, customer recommend rebate lack of traffic? As is known to all, traffic is the first step in the beauty salon profit, if no customers into the store, professional technology, affordable prices again to no avail. So in order to attract traffic, beauty salon can recommend customer prepaid phone a certain amount of money, and some project free service, if the first top-up money customers recommend guests to shop success, customer deposits money to give full refund. The first flow, to do performance. 2, major promotions automatic reminders holiday promotion, birthday gifts and other activities is essential to the theme of the marketing activities, and only the best time to customers like consumption, therefore, stores can pass management software to manually push sales promotion to the different customer groups, to remind, induced by preferential information consumers into the store. 3, establish maintenance contact channels when you're struggling to dig more potential customers, actually the most simple is to maintain your old customers, so in hebron stores management software, knows the software for the enterprise and customers to build a good emotional connections, through record member consumption habits, birthday and other related information, and then sent by the system automatically emotional greetings, and emotional care to express love to old customers. A good relationship, can make many customers willing to deal with business long-term. Above all, the beauty that service industry demand for store management software is whether can guarantee service whether effective, whether to meet the needs of all customers, and shimron network stores management software, based on the SaaS model, for merchants to provide online closed-loop management mode, all of them, and help enterprises to realize the integration of marketing resources, control and innovation, to build the whole channel, all members, full of goods, full service system of new retail business. So as to improve the consumer shopping experience, improve customer satisfaction.
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