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On 2020, some thoughts on smart canteen! Where is the 'wisdom' of the smart canteen?

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-20
The world and we have been changing! Many years ago, it was very troublesome to have a cash change in the cafeteria. Later, with the meal voucher, the trouble of direct change was alleviated. Later, the meal card became popular, and the identity of the meal card was identified by the radio frequency identification, system deduction. No one can stop the pace of science and technology and society. This one-card system has been popular for a long time for 10 years. Now, it is being quietly replaced by the intelligent canteen system. The informatization of group meals has become the general trend. What kind of users determine what kind of demand, what kind of product determines what kind of efficiency. Everyone has had personal experience. It's not easy for the canteen to queue up for a meal. The credit card actually failed. The staff said that the card was degaussed and needed to be replenished, and the cost had to be borne by themselves. Sometimes the meal card is lost, and when the card is replenished, the meal fee is very small. What is more intolerable is that the recharge also needs to be queued. In order to eat a meal, we are quite difficult. At present, the intelligent canteen system is widely popular, and the outside world may also be curious or even misunderstood about intelligence. What is a smart canteen? Where is the wisdom of the wisdom canteen? Some people think that the smart canteen is just a concept, or the traditional cashier terminal thinking, and think that the smart canteen system is not smart. Of course, wisdom is relative. Compared with people, no canteen management system can be more intelligent. However, compared with the one-card system, the intelligent canteen management system has been improved in essence. Smart canteen is the concentrated embodiment of canteen informatization, digitalization and intelligence. First of all, the smart canteen'Zhizhi'In the analysis. In the process of intelligent payment, users and food consumption data can be obtained, so as to establish links with users and analyze their dining preferences. Through the intelligent canteen system, nutrients such as calories, protein and fat of all dishes can be automatically read and summarized, providing targeted health advice and personalized consumption orientation for dining users. Secondly, the smart canteen'Zhizhi'In Management. In the canteen operation, when encountering the peak period of dining, the difficulty of queuing and dining has become a common phenomenon. The smart canteen system has a variety of dining methods for the canteen to choose from. Using the Manke treasure face recognition solution, the system automatically settles accounts, one order per second, accurate and error-free, greatly saving labor, reducing the operating cost of the canteen, and the dining environment is exceptionally neat and orderly. Again, smart canteen'Zhizhi'In payment. Through the smart canteen system, a variety of payment methods such as mobile phone code scanning payment can be realized, and zero change can be avoided during the dining process, thus improving the dining experience and settlement efficiency. The mankebao smart canteen system provides an intelligent group meal settlement system for various canteens, while taking into account the characteristic window (Pasta, stir-fried, halal, etc) Diversified demands, intelligent selection of consumer machines and WeChat ordering and other information applications, and equipped with logistics purchase, sale and storage management system, make the work of managers more scientific and effective. In addition, the food Anyun management module of mankebao smart canteen strictly controls the safety risks of canteen operation through the functions of bright kitchen, food samples, food traceability, pesticide residue detection, etc; The ERP system of mankebao smart canteen fully exploits the upstream and downstream potential of the group meal supply chain, which is conducive to integrating industry resources, reducing canteen operating costs, continuously improving canteen operating profits, and fundamentally improving canteen operating capabilities. In fact, the early smart canteen focused on the front-end and back-end functions, thinking about how to operate the canteen to the most perfect state. Now, what is more testing is the carrying capacity and iteration capability of the intelligent canteen system. Finally, there are outstanding in-depth thinkers in every field. Man kebao's exploration in the field of group meal Informationization has attracted much attention. I hope that with the joint efforts, the group meal informationization process can be faster, more stable and better!
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