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One of the secrets of the success of the convenience

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-22
management system function to improve the efficiency of the store management and operation. As a necessary treasure of every store, the cash register is indispensable for every store, and it is also one of the secrets of the success of the convenience store! So what are the necessary functions of the convenience store cash management system to improve the efficiency of store management and operation? Let's first understand the functions of the convenience store management system: 1. Front desk cash: in addition to the application of various payment methods, and whether the ability of recording goods archives while receiving customers at the front desk, one by one, to enter goods archives into the system software The mobile software that can only be used after has already become a thing of the past. If there is a market selling goods without a standard bar code, can the cashier reception type in the price or search for the goods by first spelling, otherwise, it is impossible to sell some goods without a bar code. 2. Membership management: membership management system plays a key role. VIP members store value, mall points, VIP members discount, formulate membership level, VIP member type, and management method of entering customer information content of each store. VIP members can enjoy different level discount, impulse value, points, points for purchase, daily check-in and reservation according to the store. 3. Purchase, sale and stock management: as the mobile phone software of the management information system, the function of purchase, sale and stock software is undoubtedly important. The purchase order, purchase order, supply quantity, stock limit, overstock products, stock quantity warning information, fast maturing goods, and stock taking are all indispensable. Show the functions of inventory search, inventory management, etc. Real time inventory measurement, convenient search, immediate stock up. 4. O2o marketing: store marketing, marketing control module, can convert fancy every day to attract customers' door-to-door service consumption, applicable to online mall system, online and offline simultaneous operation. VIP members who connect online and offline promote the use of WeChat public official account, add discount coupons, guide them to store consumption, or send products to online orders. 5. Business statement: multi faceted operation data analysis table to help the company analyze and do business, carry out chain operation supervision, and make decisions. How to choose the convenience store management system: 1. Whether the system software can trust the chain convenience store's operation scale, though not many, the necessary cash register system must also be safe For example, the piglet CMS cash register system is developed based on big data technology products. All the information is stored on the Alibaba server with the largest security level, and is escorted by a professional equipment and technology elite team. 2. The function of the system software is whether the chain convenience stores are complete and operate in a small scale, but the goods are all kinds, and the product management of different chain convenience stores is different, so the function of the cash register system should have the most basic necessity for retail stores. 3. Whether the system provides multiple data reports is not the same as the convenience store in the past. Now it pays attention to speed and convenience. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to speed and convenience when completing daily reconciliation. Therefore, for the cash collection system, it must be able to provide a variety of daily and monthly summary reports such as gross profit analysis, transaction flow, inventory data, etc. for the boss to view. Keyi focuses on the retail and catering industries, and provides enterprises with digital and all-round services such as cash management system, aggregate mobile payment, Omni channel marketing and big data operation by using advanced technologies such as mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and Internet of things.
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