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Online electricity compared with entity retail 丨 the importance of intelligent POS cash register

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-07
Retail is a commodity, suitable for different consumer groups. Web celebrity s, in particular, a variety of retail commodities has dug up and display, can always bring up the snapping up agitation. However, not every can make a retail store, online mall, after all, developed, and novelty is likely to be found on the web. Physical retailers, then, is there any advantage? Relative to place an order online, but also the logistics, such as time lag, brick-and-mortar retailers that let customers could buy things directly, with timeliness of purchase. See real, to be able to see and touch, can even try, it can arouse the desire to buy more of course. But entity stores inventory and sales is a big problem, snack shop business good natural fear not backlog of goods, but if the retail stores to sell is bad, not sell goods backlog of goods, or even no shelf new products listed, resulting in the loss of the business cycle. Cargo backlog will affect the entity shop management, using suitable for smart cash register can help to snack shop operators. For example, when smart cash register can support commodity code library, feel free to add and modify inventory goods, food inventory at any time control of the situation, convenient purchase. Also support the preferential cancel after verification, member discount, promotion package, take a gift promotion can realize inventory management, logistics, marketing campaigns, clearing the cashier and member management, report generation, and other functions, improve the management efficiency. Intelligence reports can statistics which product sales of the largest, which products are most popular with the customers, immediate feedback to the background, and make up the inventory. In unmarketable products, timely replenish onr's stock adjustments and promotions, the response of clear inventory processing. At present, there are a lot of convenience stores and small supermarket, even the supermarket introduced the self-help, smart cash register, to provide customers with without queuing, self-service checkout shortcut. ( Such as carrefour launched WeChat scan code to buy small program and pay treasure to self-service checkout equipment) Sometimes, just to the store to buy bottle of water but need to pay in line, so, self-help, smart cash register is the trend of The Times. Self-help, smart cash register use effect is good, the cashier services more efficient, and improve the customer's shopping experience. Self-help, smart cash register is a kind of service innovation, and also representing the future development direction of intelligent hardware retail industry. If it is to improve efficiency of cashier, most businesses can choose recruiting cashier experienced cashier, if just want to improve efficiency in this degree is not enough, the cashier experience a small portion of cashier efficiency, the store's cash register and cashier cashier software accounted for most of the other way, this is a good way of cashier cashier software and cash register system of main, and effectively improve the efficiency of the cashier treasure.
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