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Only one 'big steak' sells 5.5 tons a year!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-03
Customer like cloud cash register helps liudinghuo reduce cost and improve efficiency! Beijingers have always been fond of barbecue. There are many old Beijing barbecue, Korean barbecue, self barbecue, string bar and so on. Among the many brands, the six Ding Huo barbecue, founded in 2016, has won the favor of consumers in a short time. It has frequently ranked on the Alipay word of mouth regional rankings, ranking the top among the third party consumer reviews websites. Liudinghuo barbecue has four Direct stores in Beijing, namely pingleyuan store, Qingnian Road store, Changying store and Wudaokou store. How to realize the management of the stores and understand the operation of each store in real time? Liudinghuo chose the overall SaaS solution provided by customer Ruyun. At the end of 2016, the customer like cloud products in liudinghuomen store reached a formal cooperation with customer like cloud to install customer like cloud onpos 2 intelligent cash register in its stores. In the past three years of using the product, Feng Yonghui expressed a deeper understanding of customer cloud products. In his view, the & ldquo; onpos 2 is not only a cash register, but also the software function it carries can provide a complete set of solutions for store operation and management. &Since its establishment, liudinghuo barbecue has always promised to provide consumers with fresh dishes. Meat is the fresh meat of the day. In order to ensure the consistent quality of food materials, liudinghuo will establish a central kitchen and a complete supply chain system based on customers' cloud like intelligent equipment, so that stores can view the inventory in real time, and timely provide the central kitchen & LD according to the calculation of the system 'Order' is used to allocate and transport food materials through the system to avoid waste. Customer like cloud provides the application of report business report function for liudinghuo, which also allows Feng Yonghui to view the operation data of each direct store at any time through the customer like cloud app on the palm, and can see the more detailed sales data of the store by logging in the business management background, so as to manage the store pertinently. At the same time, with the marketing function provided by customer like cloud, it can also help stores carry out preferential activities, attract new customers and wake up & ldquo; sleeping customers & rdquo;. Feng Yonghui is most satisfied with the function of scanning code and ordering food. Now, all the stores of liudinghuo use mobile phone to scan the code and order. When customers enter the store, they only need mobile phone to scan the QR code on the table, which can realize self-service order. On the one hand, it saves a lot of labor costs; on the other hand, it makes it more convenient and quick for consumers to add dishes twice, and ensures the speed and accuracy of ordering. The self built takeout platform business of customer Ruyun can reduce the cost of takeout business for businesses, which is a way for restaurants to make profits. With the help of the concept of 'private domain traffic', customer Ruyun launched a self built takeout platform to help businesses build a takeout platform on the brand wechat public account, and cooperate with delivery agencies to complete the self delivery business of takeout and help businesses reduce costs and improve efficiency. Feng Yonghui said that six Ding fire is building its own takeaway system, relying on the support of customers, and taking the takeaway platform on the official account of WeChat public. It will interact with many &ldquo, &rdquo, and many kinds of concessions in the future. For the future development plan of liudinghuo barbecue, Feng Yonghui said that he will still pay attention to product quality and & ldquo; focus on public taste and meet consumer demand & rdquo; instead of blindly opening franchise stores, he will build the brand foundation step by step. Liu dinghuo is a good place to make & ldquo; drink and eat meat & rdquo; Feng Yonghui emphasizes that all the time, Liu dinghuo wants to show & ldquo; human feelings & rdquo; so both from the store design and service are very & ldquo; grounded & rdquo; so that consumers can feel comfortable atmosphere and thick smoke and fire when drinking and eating meat; when they want to meet with their relatives and friends, they can think about it The barbecue shop around the corner. For this reason, liudinghuo will pay more attention to service and store image upgrading. In terms of service, Feng Yonghui believes that the current post-90s consumers prefer to have 'independent' space when they eat, so the service provided by waiters should have 'degree' to provide warm service when customers need help, and when they taste delicious food, they also need to provide a relatively comfortable and relaxed atmosphere and environment, wherever they are; The service will be counterproductive. At present, in the design of liudinghuomen store, liudinghuo's style tends to be industrial and simple, which enables customers to enjoy the pleasure of 'drinking heavily and eating meat in bulk'. In the future, Feng Yonghui would like to upgrade the store to a & ldquo; situational & rdquo;, not only stopping at the small-scale scene design of the store today, but also starting from the store as a whole, taking the barbecue culture as the medium, through the scene reduction, so that consumers can feel the city culture and human life while tasting delicious food, and create a consumption mode integrating food, culture and art. In the process of liudinghuo's upgrading, customer Ruyun will continue to provide digital intelligent support to its stores to help them realize the vision of 'customer Ruyun comes from all over the world'.
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