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Optimization of user experience design for face recognition visitor

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-15
Face recognition technology is a kind of biometric recognition technology, which is widely used in the market due to its advantages over other biometric recognition technologies. In the project of optimizing the design of face recognition function, the design was mainly completed in a three-step process. What needs to be specifically mentioned here is the verification solution step of *. Under normal circumstances, it is easier for new interaction designers to ignore this step. In fact, this step can verify whether the first two steps are correct or not, and it is also the origin of undertaking the next design iteration. Face recognition I. Application status of face recognition technology face recognition function visitor face recognition technology is a kind of biometric recognition technology, it is widely used in the market due to its advantages over other biometric identification technologies. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, face recognition technology has been applied to mobile terminals. For example, Alipay's face payment, face login for some e-commerce applications, and real-name authentication for investment and financial applications. This article discusses the optimization of user experience design for face recognition function on point finance loan APP. Visitor 2. Face Recognition Function Design Optimization Visitor first explain in detail what we need to optimize. What we need to do is to optimize the user experience design of the real-name authentication function on the point financing loan APP. In detail, the function of the product is that the user needs to verify that the user's registered identity is the same as his actual identity through face recognition. The goal of our design this time is to optimize this function and make the user's use process smoother. 1. Overview of face recognition function design optimization face recognition user experience face recognition function optimization design process is divided into three parts, generally speaking, it is to specify the problems to be solved and give solutions (Design scheme)And verify the solution. For optimal design, first of all, it is necessary to clarify what the original design problem is and find out the purpose of optimal design. After the purpose is determined, the solution is given and the test is continuously scrutinized. * After determining the design scheme, verify the design results and find the direction of the next iteration optimization. 2. Original face recognition design problem Collection face recognition user experience (1) Data collection before we start to optimize the design, we need to understand the current situation of users using the original design (Including understanding the technical implementation principle) , To collect and analyze data, so as to obtain the correct demand analysis. According to the data research on the principle of technical implementation, there are two main steps in face recognition technology: * step is to detect and locate the face, and simply to understand it is to input the FACE image; The second step is to extract and recognize the features of face images. When it comes to specific product functions, it can be understood as follows: first, we need users to enter their own face images through APP, after which APP will extract and identify the user's face images, compare with the user ID card to determine whether the registered user's information is personal information. (2) Usability test the process of the original design version is face recognition user experience users enter the real name authentication function, A prompt appears for the user's shooting requirements for face recognition, and the user starts the face recognition process after reading. In the process of face recognition, the user needs to follow the prompts to complete the action entry according to the requirements randomly given by the system. After the user completes the action entry given by the system, the system will compare the ID card photos according to the pictures entered during the user's operation, * inform the user of the verification result.
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