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out of doors dynamic advertising the ultimate advertising solution is the led video wall

by:PTKSAI     2019-10-25
Outdoor digital signage is a fast growing industry, and with the advancement of new technologies, solutions are becoming more and more advanced and unique, enables companies to advertise in regions and in different forms of customers at a lower cost than traditional marketing solutions.
We \'ve all seen huge e-marketing billboards on the side of the road and now have a more affordable outdoor digital signage solution, the flexible video wall.
What is the Led video wall?
This is a set of LED diodes, which are connected together by cable to form an area of 1 m wide x 5 m long with more than 2,200 LEDs per 1 square meter segment, this is to provide a high definition color (life like)
But the results didn\'t stop and they also provided a clear photo or video presentation, which also reduced the cost.
OK, back to the beginning, these diodes are on the backing of the multi-function, so they can be rolled up or folded to minimize storage space, usually in the case of a music festival, the huge video wall is made of thin frame displays connected together, and then images and videos are tiled on the TV using the sender and receiver.
Install video wall.
In general, it can take 4 hours for two people to build a flexible TV wall at a concert, this TV Wall, from unpacking to making test videos, can take 1 hour, this saves costs during working hours.
Without installing the large screen on the support structure, simply attach the top of the flexible video wall to the fixture on the top rig, then attach the fixture to the side and bottom, pull the tension belt on the back of the video wall, eliminate any slack.
Store video walls.
Unlike traditional problems with flexible video walls and storage of large flat panel TVs and mounting frames, flexible video walls reduce storage and shipping costs by 76%, thanks to the ability of products to be stored in or folded up.
Now, this is a flexible video wall that fits perfectly with all weather conditions except snow-but who would want to watch the content at cold temperatures?
The price of these wind-proof rain and dust-proof solutions is as competitive as the ordinary outdoor digital signage solutions, and the further benefit is that if the community is to be moved on a regular basis, labor costs can also be saved as storage and transportation costs will prove that the flexible video wall is the ideal advertising medium for trade fairs, exhibitions, football fields, concerts, demonstrations and rallies. To recap.
It is reported that anyone who uses a video wall on a normal thin frame video wall solution will save 78% of deployment time, will reduce storage space by 76%, and save 79% of transportation costs.
The first investment is roughly the same as the old technology of the thin border video wall, but any installer or event organizer can see the opportunity for this product.
The author is an expert in the field of kiosks and an expert in the manufacture of various monitoring enclosures.
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